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chicken sandwich

September 21, 2012


Dejavu, all over again, right? You just saw these rolls. Why do you care to see them again? Because I’ve got a few minutes and I decided to break these things down into various posts so that I can ‘splain myself, and pass the time until my food needs to come out of the oven. […]

sandwich bread and a grilled cheese

September 12, 2012


When I told the contractor I was working with that I got up a little bit early to make some bread, he seemed slightly alarmed: “You got up at what time to make bread?” I began to explain that I got up literally… 5-7 minutes earlier, and was able to start this bread. Sounds kooky […]

BLTTFE sandwiches on fresh bread

August 7, 2012


I am lovin’ ┬áthis bread. For serious. It’s bomb, so easy to make. If you didn’t follow the link in my last post about this bread, get after it kiddos. GO. MAKE. THIS. BREAD. I found this website after a multitude of searches, and perhaps it was linked to another blog and the name just […]


June 4, 2012


href=””> “jooooliaaaaahhh! lunchtime!” I’m not working with popdukes today, which means coffee break and lunch times are very regimented. 9am, coffee. 12:15-12:30, we must stop for lunch. It’s always seemed a bit early to me, but this dude wakes up at around 4 am, so he’s more than peckish by noon. I am not an […]