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fresh pasta with prosciutto and peas

November 15, 2012


I, like so many Americans, am so guilty of eating way more than a recommended serving of pasta, and probably everything else, as well. Since we rarely eat out these days, and can easily avoid a 3-cup portion of pasta arriving on our table, I’ve been trying to figure out just how much I should be making […]

burrito-fritatta-muffin-sized bowls

October 23, 2012


I have a love/hate relationship with leftovers. I feel like they should be used, not thrown away, if they’ll stay good long enough for me to figure out what to do with them… The hate come into play when I can’t figure out what to do with them and they sit and take up useful […]

sweet potato stir fry with honey & ginger sauce

September 30, 2012


As Autumn moves in, some flavors best kept to cooler nights, and mainstays during holiday meals come into play. For now, it’s sweet potato. Sometimes the fridge is bare. Sometimes it’s packed to the gills. Sometimes you have more beers than anything else (or maybe that’s just us…), sometimes more cheese. It’s a magnificent thing, […]


June 4, 2012


href=””> “jooooliaaaaahhh! lunchtime!” I’m not working with popdukes today, which means coffee break and lunch times are very regimented. 9am, coffee. 12:15-12:30, we must stop for lunch. It’s always seemed a bit early to me, but this dude wakes up at around 4 am, so he’s more than peckish by noon. I am not an […]