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best homefries

November 8, 2012


I made homefries, and for the first time ever they didn’t take a million years to cook. They came out magnificently. I never could really understand what the trick was – aside from the times that I made homefries from leftover potatoes that were already boiled. These were just what I needed on a slow […]

Blueberry Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes

June 9, 2012


Finally the good weather is here! My goals for today were to buy a bathingsuit (online, if possible) get a cheap flour sifter, buy some things to help with cabinet storage – especially for herbs/spices. That cabinet is total mayhem. It’s damn near impossible to find anything when I need it – and I hardly […]

breakfast in a sandwich

April 29, 2012


Have you ever had the absolutely terrifyingly sinking feeling, when you wake up after a night of drinking to find that there aren’t enough coffee beans to even make a cup of coffee – providing your head doesn’t explode when the grinder starts up – I almost cried this morning. I retreated to my room […]

easter sunday breakfast

April 12, 2012


I would like to kick myself right now. I just spent… Oh, a good 10 mins writing a post on the app and then due to the low level of coffee coursing through my veins currently… I hit “discard draft” instead of “publish” seriously… Reading- it shouldn’t be that hard to do right now. If […]