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Quick Jambalaya

August 4, 2012


The title should probably read “how to cook dinner in under 30 minutes without going to the grocery store” because I flatly refused to waste precious sitting down time after work with the stress of the grocery store, plus, I couldn’t find my list, and I wasn’t interested in making an expensive mistake. I got out of […]

zucchini overload

July 29, 2012


This weeks CSA brought a multitude of summer squash. Holy crap. So much zucchini! And what do you do when life (or your CSA) hands you zucchini? Make a full meal of zucchini. Or, well. That’s what I did. It was good, and didn’t even feel like an overdose of squash. it’s like carbonara, with zucchini. 4 […]

salad dressing

July 27, 2012


A good salad dressing is sometimes hard to find. I usually don’t buy any salad dressings from the grocery store, unless they are on sale, like – deep sale and even then, I usually only buy a few italian dressings (for pasta salad making) and the occasional ranch dressing, for dipping some yuppie carrots and other […]

csa share : week 3

June 26, 2012


It’s a funny story, how I signed up for my CSA share this year. Well, at least my friend Steph who I’m sharing my share with this year thought it was funny. I went out for food and drinks (emphasis on the drinks, margaritas, to be exact) with my sisters and a friend. I had two (or […]

pesto, tomato and mozzarella pizza

April 13, 2012


Apparently I should have turned on several more lights in my kitchen so that these pictures didn’t look like total crap – but you live and you learn, right? Right. The other night I got home in time to be productive before getting too tired to focus on anything I made mac n’ cheese and a […]

CSA aka, community supported agriculture

November 6, 2011


My friend asked me what a CSA was just the other day, I realized that it might be a good idea to put a few of my thoughts, some of the basics, and some resources and lists, links up so that if anybody (specifically in the New England area) were interested they might have an […]

husk cherry tarts

September 15, 2011


you pick the ones that have fallen to the ground. it doesn’t matter if the husk looks all funky, cause it’s really a tomatillo inside. as long as the husk hasn’t gotten all moldy and crap, you’ll be fine. unwrap these babies, wash them thoroughly, and make yourself a pie crust. I used a pie […]

BBQ chicken, green beans, rice, carrots and corn

August 9, 2011


After a long Monday which involved getting COVERED in filth and falling down a set of stairs I stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some chicken for dinner. I chopped up some carrots, boiled them, same with green beans. Split up a few ears of corn, boiled them for about ten minutes. Mmm! This […]

shrimp, fried chicken and roasted vegetables

August 9, 2011


Some time last week – the days are all dragging together in strange ways. I like to blame it on the heat, it may not be the actual cause, it could be that I’m all furtootsed on my own. One day the other week, I decided to use what I had for dinner instead of […]

Oven baked quick ribs, cornbread, beans and green beans

August 1, 2011


A discussion about ribs during last Sunday’s meal is what got me thinking about making them for supper this week. I’d never made them before, and probably have only eaten them twice or three times in my life. Seemed like a decent undertaking for a Sunday. I’d received a recipe for cornbread earlier in the […]