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thin crust pizza

September 17, 2012


Have you ever bought “b-grade” tomatoes in bulk? Well, if you are planning on it, do it on a day that you will have time to do something with them SOON, don’t pick them up on the Wednesday of a ridiculously busy week and think that you can leave them “til you have time” because, […]

risi e bisi, herbed chicken, and cauliflower

September 13, 2012


Do you like risi e bisi? I do. I won’t lie, when I say it, it sounds more like “reees-beeesy” I’ve had this dish about a million times in my life, but it has been a long, long time since I made it. This is the recipe from my mom’s book. Everybody Cooks Rice. Does […]

Empanadas and a few sides

August 28, 2012


Last year for my birthday I literally got everything I wanted. It was insane. Who knew if you put together a very specific list and sent it out into the wild world of the web, you could receive said items before, on, or just after your birthday! Where am I going with this, you might […]

roasted salmon greek salad with yogurt sauce

August 11, 2012


Summer is a good time to make a salad. Something no too hot. Something that doesn’t heat up the kitchen, and with that, the whole house it too warm for anybody to relax and digest, or do anything else of note. Even with central air, things get HOT up in here when you cook for too […]

chicken, broccoli, and whatever type of pasta you like

August 7, 2012


Apparently I have broken my camera. No matter what I do, it just keeps saying “remove battery pack” to me. What the hell. I’m pissed. I was too fertutzed the other night to even remember to pick up my stupid iphone and take pictures with it. So stupid. So, my plan was to use up the […]

chicken balls, pesto pasta, and a csa inspired salad

August 3, 2012


I coerced my little sisters into stopping by for dinner, they needed to come pick up a whole bunch of conditioners and notebooks, mechanical pencils, ecc that I had picked up while shopping, also everybody was in town and neither of them had to work because it was the older one’s birthday. Seemed perfect to […]

moving and other headaches

April 11, 2012


I’m fairly certain that hatred for moving is universal. Every time I move (and I’ve moved a lot) I wish that I hadn’t saved quite so much crap from the past few years. Even when you want to move the actual moving and lugging of heavy and awkward objects is not fun. After I had […]

Enchilada, the WHOLE enchilada.

August 19, 2011


After my bean fiasco the other night when I made ribs and cornbread, I was left with so many beans it was disgusting. I decided to do a quick shopping trip at a store I don’t usually go to after work to grab up a few ingredients to male some enchiladas. I am a great […]

Oven baked quick ribs, cornbread, beans and green beans

August 1, 2011


A discussion about ribs during last Sunday’s meal is what got me thinking about making them for supper this week. I’d never made them before, and probably have only eaten them twice or three times in my life. Seemed like a decent undertaking for a Sunday. I’d received a recipe for cornbread earlier in the […]