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onion rings

November 13, 2012


I suggest that you stop what you are doing, and make yourself some beer batter – or for a possibly more reasonable suggestion, just add it to the next meal that you make…I would go with about half, or even a quarter of the amount that I made for the fish and chips that I […]

sweet potato fries

September 22, 2012


When I’m out, and I order fries, I usually look for sweet potato, or if they don’t have that, I’m gonna wanna see spicy, or curly, or some other descriptive word next to the word “fries”. They have a tendancy to make me feel happier about wolfing down fries, and also… I like the taste […]

bacon cheeseburgers, cooked indoors

June 8, 2012


When I headed home from work today (early, with a headache behind my eyes so bad it turned my stomach – or my stomach, turned itself and this thing is bigger than it seems… I’m a licensed electrician, not a licensed physician…) it felt nice and hot out. We’ve had weather dipping down into the 50’s, […]

Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2012


I hope everybody had a lovely, safe “unofficial start” to the summer. The end of last week looked dismal. I was sick as a dog, couldn’t breath through either nostril, which meant I woke up choking several times a night- dreadful. I thought the long weekend was doomed. It didn’t help that the weather guys […]

Heat Wave!

April 19, 2012


I don’t know if anybody else felt defeated by the 80 degree April weather we were having, but I did. It could be because I’m older that heat bothers me more, or it could be because I’m too cheap to want anybody to turn on the central air in April or it could be that […]

buffalo chicken wings and habañero burgers

January 17, 2012


A quick meal that has gone over pretty well here in the past is a burger and chicken wing or drumettes combination. It’s a nice quick meal, and though I have tried a few different recipes for each, I think I’ve recently found the best combination. I made some nice spicy wings fashioned after some […]