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Quick No-Bean Chili and Cornbread

May 13, 2012


After much time spent typing on my teensy iphone (wordpress app) and trying to post a few shorter posts to no avail, I gave up and went on vacation. Literally. We flew to Phoenix for a wedding. It was beautiful. Once I got past the fact that the weather is about 30+ degrees¬†warmer than it […]

Slow Cooker Sunday

January 16, 2012


It was dead in the center of the Saturday night ‘s Patriots/Broncos game. The hype about this Tim Tebow¬†character was being made a mockery of, and as the Pat’s continued to gain on them, the commercials became more religious, and the announcers seemed like they were getting sauced, sleep with more than it’s usual stealth […]

Beef Stew and homemade bread

September 25, 2011


Today I have officially succeeded to use my crockpot in such a way that it produced some really very tasty food. I think that in the past week I’ve used chicken (which should’ve been cooked for less time than the length of my workday…) and didn’t try very good flavorful sauces to have cook INTO […]

Burgers, dogs, and beer

July 7, 2011


Tonight, we had “empty the fridge onto a plate and love it”- an old family tradition… I got some hamburger yesterday, and knew it’d be toast after tonight, so burgers it was. I had entertained the idea of a salad, but like a moron, I forgot to pick up my CSA share last night. Really!? […]