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Tumala d’Andrea

August 12, 2012


I bought this Saveur cookbook over two years ago. This was the first thing that I saw that made me dog ear the page. A timbale, named for the drum, or tummala, tumala, it’s got a few names… An Italian casserole. It looked amazing, but way too overwhelming to take from the page to the kitchen table. […]

Quick Jambalaya

August 4, 2012


The title should probably read “how to cook dinner in under 30 minutes without going to the grocery store” because I flatly refused to waste precious sitting down time after work with the stress of the grocery store, plus, I couldn’t find my list, and I wasn’t interested in making an expensive mistake. I got out of […]

beef, sticky rice and stir-fried snow peas, and bok choy

June 28, 2012


Where do you draw your inspiration from? I’ll be honest, sometimes I just use whatever has been hanging around in my fridge for a while. Nothing like cleaning out the fridge, I say. Sometimes I have the urge to tackle a new recipe, or type of food to use up ingredients that I don’t necessarily choose […]


June 13, 2012


I sat for about 20 minutes, scratching my head, trying to figure what the hell it meant. 900 mg flour, can be converted, but when I got to the point where it was fresh vs, dry yeast, then dividing in thirds, then having had one drink (see: French Gimlet I made the same day) I […]

chorizo rice and teeny potatoes, topped with a poached egg

May 31, 2012


It was warm today, especially in the sun. I, thankfully got to spent most of my day in the basement of the house we were working in. I was kind of happy to do the work by myself, it meant that I got to do it exactly how I wanted, and it came out as tidy […]

Chicken Stir Fry = dinner under $10.00

May 17, 2012


If I had stopped to think about it for a second or two, I would have remembered that my better other half doesn’t like stir fry. But I didn’t, did I? In a word, no. I saw noodles on sale at Market Basket for $1.25, and thought oooh, that seems like a quick dinner that […]

Quick No-Bean Chili and Cornbread

May 13, 2012


After much time spent typing on my teensy iphone (wordpress app) and trying to post a few shorter posts to no avail, I gave up and went on vacation. Literally. We flew to Phoenix for a wedding. It was beautiful. Once I got past the fact that the weather is about 30+ degrees warmer than it […]

BBQ chicken wings

April 30, 2012


What do you cook for supper after you’ve had a day where you don’t even change out of your PJs all day?   Best answer: Something simple. I was busy doing laundry, and watching horrible tv all day. Not really wanting to put much of any energy into anything. A sure sign, if I needed […]

Heat Wave!

April 19, 2012


I don’t know if anybody else felt defeated by the 80 degree April weather we were having, but I did. It could be because I’m older that heat bothers me more, or it could be because I’m too cheap to want anybody to turn on the central air in April or it could be that […]

“At least I taught her full Indian dinner, the rest is up to God.”

February 23, 2012


Every once in a while it seems like there are too few hours in my day to complete all the tasks I’d like to. When push comes to shove, cooking dinner and then subsequently blogging about cooking are the first to fall over the edge. My cousin and I would constantly quote (the above) lines from Bend […]