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buffalo chicken dip

September 26, 2012


When I said I wasn’t going to be eating any more chicken for a little while, I lied. In a big way. But really who can say no to Buffalo Chicken Dip? Not I! I’ve never made it before though. Not once. But since I managed to make passable brownies for the first time the other […]

sweet potato fries

September 22, 2012


When I’m out, and I order fries, I usually look for sweet potato, or if they don’t have that, I’m gonna wanna see spicy, or curly, or some other descriptive word next to the word “fries”. They have a tendancy to make me feel happier about wolfing down fries, and also… I like the taste […]

jalapeño poppers

September 18, 2012


When I received the cookbook Pioneer Woman Cooks, I made a few things from it and then lent it out to my friend who wanted to start cooking. She and her sister used it and made a few things (I believe) but I know for sure, she made these poppers. I’ve never known someone so […]

Happy Birthday To Me!

September 11, 2012


This past Saturday I turned 28. It’s been a pretty good year, overall. Busy, at times crazy making, and exhausting, but all in all not too shabby. I woke up, made some coffee, watched the news. Waited for what seemed like an eternity for my Auntie to call me to sing happy birthday. She usually […]

Labor Day Lunch

September 4, 2012


; I wonder if every time we utter “perfect sleeping weather” there is some kind of counter out there in the world that makes us seem older than we really are. I know I’ve said it almost half a dozen times in the last week or so. It’s been said to me over a dozen […]

Empanadas and a few sides

August 28, 2012


Last year for my birthday I literally got everything I wanted. It was insane. Who knew if you put together a very specific list and sent it out into the wild world of the web, you could receive said items before, on, or just after your birthday! Where am I going with this, you might […]

Portofino Rotini

August 24, 2012


When it’s time for dinner, sometimes you need to nosh on something while you think, cook, talk, answer the phone, press 3 to be taken off the call list, and do conversions from one recipe to…. normal numbers from the country of one’s birth… This calls for a little app, and a dinner that takes […]

auntie’s flat bread (pizza)

August 21, 2012


One thing that I am frequently surprised about: how much I enjoy eating a fresh tomato. This seems like no crazy ordeal, for sure. But had you met me over a decade ago and suggested I chop up a nice fresh tomato and toss a piece in my mouth, I would tell you that you must be […]

chicken balls, pesto pasta, and a csa inspired salad

August 3, 2012


I coerced my little sisters into stopping by for dinner, they needed to come pick up a whole bunch of conditioners and notebooks, mechanical pencils, ecc that I had picked up while shopping, also everybody was in town and neither of them had to work because it was the older one’s birthday. Seemed perfect to […]

taco saturday

July 30, 2012


Because I failed to do some good research for pulled pork sandwiches, and didn’t really figure out which way I was going to make it, crock pot, oven, whatever. I also hadn’t checked the weather to see if it would be unbearably hot in which case, the weather would choose crock pot, versus stove for […]