getting back to normal

Posted on July 20, 2015


The past year has been a chaotic mess. This past Saturday I was able to close the door on something that was on my back burner for years. 

I got the highest level license available in my field of work, the level of anxiety I allotted as preparation for the exam went above and beyond, and my back still kind of aches from sitting in that terrible broken rolling office chair for hours clicking answers A-D. 

I hope in the next little while to get to set aside more time for this blog- I realize that I may have exaggerated the possibilities of free time in my near future, but at least I’ll be in the right headspace for it. 

Mostly I want to tell you about these! These brownies… Oh. My. I don’t even like chocolate, but, if one is willing to branch out- this is a totally legit option. 

Until then, I will battle the heat and humidity with the best of them, and try not to eat ALL the brownies, at least not in the same sitting. 

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