quesadilla – strip down version

Posted on April 17, 2014


I’m not sure why I’m still awake, or who this dude is after Jimmy Fallon- I haven’t been awake for the late-LATE show for an age and a half. Maybe it was the afternoon coffee followed by gym, cleaning and a second wind? I’m glad this late-late guy muted cause he looks just too awkward for me to handle.

This week has been a trying one. Beyond the usual day-to-day, I’ve had to reassess my life plans: thanks for crushing my dreams, Donnie, I hope you and Jenny McCarthy are very happy together.


Sometimes all you need in life is some time to catch your breath. Sort out what’s really important, and get that. Life is too short to dick around with meaningless things, I think, and whatever way you are reminded to refocus your energy and attention, make note of it, and make some change.

My friend was recently in a horrible car accident, and though she is a fighter, and now in rehab and doing well in her recovery– the accident she was in scared me shitless. I felt like I couldn’t breath for days. This feeling of helplessness and not being able to do anything to help someone you love, is a horrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anybody. It gave me pause for thought, and then, change.

Too much heavy stuff, perhaps, for a food blog… So basically, I’m saying, sometimes you need to get back to basics, simplify your life. Sometimes this can be implemented in front of the stove, sometimes not. I decided I would not food shop until I’d exhausted my energy for solo “chopped” style exercises to make meals.



There’s literally nothing quite like a grilled cheese- in whatever form it finds it’s way to your plate. This time- as a quesadilla.

Heat a cast iron pan (medium heat) with a little butter and olive oil to coat the bottom.

Put your tortilla(s) in and flip every 10 seconds until they start to brown and puff up a little bit.

Add cheese, to cover the tortilla, try not to drop cheese on the pan, cause it will burn and get smokey and messy…

Add chicken, or vegetables, or whatever else you want and fold tortilla on itself, in half.

Turn heat to low, and prepare some lettuce with a sprinkle of cider vinegar and dash of salt. Toss til combined.

Add your fixings, sour cream, guac, salsa, whatever you like (or have on hand…) and you can have some good nosh in under 15(ish) minutes.