the urge to bake

Posted on July 21, 2013


Given the fact that I am trying to get myself back behind the computer more frequently, I searched a few things on wordpress and found that they have a daily challenge, and while I’m not sure I can make the daily part of the challenge fit into my focus, or my schedule, I might as well try it here and there when it’ll inspire me to do more than find out what a pingback is… Yes, I googled it… I figured I would push it if I could to also get something that I had made recently into a post and FINALLY click “publish”! So, I read today’s prompt and thought, oh, well… cupcakes. Amiright?!


Today’s daily prompt: Party Animals. I am not really a party animal, but I know more than a few, and even saw some in rare form just last night. I’m not necessarily a wall flower anymore, but I feel about alcohol much like I do about food – it’s much more important to have quality OVER quantity. I do enjoy seeing people enjoy themselves thoroughly, right up until the moment it stops being fun anymore…

I showed up late in the night to the party after running around in the heat, helping my little sister and her roommate move, hydrating, returning rental truck, hydrating, snacking, hydrating, showing up late to a bbq, hydrating some more. I still felt a bit tuckered out from the sun even as the sun went down and the winds came in nicely.

These party animals put in work though, the sun hadn’t slowed them down at all by the looks of it, cause if there had been a lampshade available instead of the empty box from the Bud 30-rack, I’m sure it would’ve been on this dudes head in a hot second. I just sat back and took it all in, because I have a stronger desire to accomplish something on a Sunday, than I have the desire to drink enough beers to adapt recycling into accessories on most Saturday nights. Every once in a while I do like to go nuts, let loose, but not after being out in the heat all day.


For your middle of the road party, I’m ALWAYS game.

My first question is usually – what can I make/bring? Lately it’s been cakes or cupcakes. Since I’ve started making them more frequently, I also like to make them just on the weekends to try out new things. I also ordered myself a set of Wilton decorating bags/frosting tips and some books on how to teach ones self to make pretty decorated cakes – which it seems without at least some practice is futile. These cupcakes are a very basic White Cupcake Recipe, with your favorite buttercream frosting on top. I used a recipe that was made with 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening, which makes it taste very…. stop & shop-esque, if you will. Not that there is anything wrong with the frosting from a bakery of a large grocery store, it’s just not what I prefer, and if I make these again, I’m gonna try to make the frosting that is listed below the recipe on the Joy of Baking site.



The cute little cupcake stand was on sale at Stonewall Kitchen last time I visited the store in NH, and I couldn’t leave it on the clearance shelf, it had to come home with me. Some of the icing we colored with neon food coloring, but since my little sister (big time party animal that she is…) is sensitive to the flavor of food coloring, so we tried not to use too too much of it.