hot summer nights

Posted on July 21, 2013


It amazes me every year, how quickly I get overwhelmed by the summer months. We’ve had heat wave after heat wave, and though I know this hasn’t been the worst summer on record, it has felt outrageously brutal at times. I’ve found myself too exhausted for words after a long hot day of work.


Imagine, if you will, on a 90+ degree day getting in an access hole barely large enough for your shoulders to fit through, and army crawling into the dark hot attic – hoping against hope that you don’t catch the shine of something’s eyes with the light of your flashlight. Getting out is like being birthed feet first, and you end up looking really pretty….


After a solid 8-10 hours of this, when I get home the last thing I can even imagine myself doing is making a meal, or finding my computer before I find my pillow. It’s outrageous how tired I get these days. But a few good weekends away can sometimes recharge my batteries enough to get myself through the next week. We have been able to go to the Aunties’ house up in NH before the “official” start of summer, and enjoy some very good meals, and drinks, and some wet weather, but when the clouds began to clear, it was beautiful.


Some of us were brave enough to jump in, even though the water was very cold. It seems like 5 year olds have this uncanny ability to ignore their teeth chattering through the words “Noooo, Aunty – I AM NOT COLD.” Do you, man, when it’s above 60 degrees out, you will have company, but until then, us pansy adults will keep our hoodies, pants and sneakers on and be wowed by your enthusiasm.


Following that, we spent our weekend with my boyfriend’s parents up at Hampton, NH did a little family excursion up to Maine for a family wedding – for which we had a beautiful weekend that seemed shorter than we all hoped.

IMG_2636For the 4th of July we wound up at Sunrise Lake up in NH and had the longest most beautiful weekend we’ve had for a vacation. The weather was wonderful, the sun was always shining – even for a few sun showers – and amidst the powerful martinis our host for the weekend was this amazing cook who brought us meal after meal after meal. She shared with me how she made a few things, and even after some kidding around about stalking her in her kitchen, I was told she’d love to have me cook with her anytime. Ah! The excitement. I couldn’t shut up about how good the food was for DAYS.


I haven’t stopped cooking, but I have stopped snapping so many pictures of it. I haven’t even signed on to wordpress in a regrettably long time. But since a few weeks ago, we FINALLY have our first air conditioner. I am SO in love with it. It’s making it easier to keep my shit together after working in hot weather, and sometimes an hour drive home in stupid traffic almost bearable. I can relax and try to focus once I’m home.

I hope to be able to keep up on this blogging thing, because I’ve got so many more things that I’d love to try, and or share. But, one day at a time I’ll see what I can do. I am also trying to work on taking better photos, which means I try to take the time to stop and look at flowers again, which is good cause it’s something that I have forgotten to do for a while…



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