an attempt at meal planning…

Posted on March 13, 2013


I have this habit when I get into bed, I pick up my ipad (regardless of if the tv is on or not…) and read myself to sleep, but sometimes I scan Pintrest and like just about everything I see when I’m falling asleep. Sometimes I just google the word recipe next to something that sounds like a good ingredient, or it’s something I already know I have.

This Sunday I bookmarked about 12 websites for ideas for meals. This is not really surprising, because I frewuenlty bookmark food blogs or recipes to use for future use and never really end up doing anything with them.

Then, the strangest thing happened, I found motivation. I shit you not. It happened. On Monday after work, I went to the grocery store and managed to get almost everything I would need for all these recipes, I spent $96.00.


Here’s the plan (recipes and separate posts to come – for the moment, I’ll just guilt myself into completing this goal for the week by posting this before anything else…) I am going to make all of the below items for meals this week and beyond, and then some extras to freeze for later.

cereal with bananas
greek yogurt with fruits
french toast

greek yogurt with fruits
sandwiches (PB and honey, or tuna)
Chicken Pot Pie
Fresh pasta, with poached eggs, cannelloni beans, swiss chard with brown butter sauce
Salmon with orzo
Linguini al carbonara
Soprano’s Sunday Gravy
Winter Pesto (depending on available greens)
Broccoli/Cheddar Soup
Boiled dinner

Basil and Blackberry caipirinhas

Blood orange simple syrup
Lasagna (to freeze)

Basically, I want to see how far I can stretch about $100 for the two of us, my hopes are that it will make it up to 15 full meals, but I don’t know how well this will all pan out. I will hopefully be able to catch up with myself in the next little while.