Chicken & Dumplings

Posted on March 5, 2013



The list of reasons why I don’t just sit down and type a few things up seems to be growing. First, we moved, and nothing was where it should be, or where I wanted it to be, and now that we’ve been here for about a month – things aren’t all in place yet, but the boxes have been banished to the spare room, and the food has it’s “place” in the cabinets.

Then, oh, then there was snow. So much snow!

my poor little mazda was completely covered!

my poor little mazda was completely covered!

Not just a little bit, if you include drifting, we had over 3 feet of snow at our house. We attempted to celebrate my boyfriend’s 30th by watching STORM CENTRAL, drinking some beers, I made bread and beef stew and his favorite peanut butter cookies with peanut butter chips. There was a driving ban for about 24 hours, and then it was time to do snow removal! Ugh. Nemo, you found us, and you did me in.

I had just enough energy while stir-crazy to organize our bedroom and find important tax papers, but type up any of the entries I’ve been meaning to post. Moving makes me wonder why every damn thing I own is so HEAVY…

Steph and Demps

Steph and Demps

A long time ago, when we had just bought our Christmas tree, I spent the day with my friend Steph. I took some pictures of her dog who had become sick and has since passed away – Dempsy, you are missed you crazy dog, you!

Steph came over for dinner to teach me how to make Chicken and Dumplings. She’s from Cincinnati, which seems a world away when she mentions comfort foods or ordinary meals that they have out there. Things like casseroles, and soups that I’ve never heard of before, I think I’ve shocked her more than once by asking her “what kind of food is that…?”

In order to pull me over the ‘bubble’ I’ve grown up in New England, I purchased Bisquick for this chicken and dumpling expedition. I’ve never even known what aisle it’s in, since I make my pancakes from scratch. I was ready to dive in, and by ‘dive in’ I mean take pictures while Steph cooked, and I snapped pictures had a little spiked eggnog and failed to write anything down as it happened. Recently I took a few minutes while we were catching up and jotted a few things down about how she makes it (she makes it from memory, so not much will be exact about the following recipe…)

Chicken & Dumplings
by Steph

Chicken thighs – 1 pack (I believe, by the looks of the picture, it was just over a pound of meat) and by the looks of the pictures, it seems like she cut the fat, and or the skin off the chicken…?
-carrots, peeled, chopped to bite-sized pieces
-onions, we used the little pearl, frozen variety
-peas, we used frozen
-corn, we also had frozen (but I would use fresh if I’d had it)
(green beans, optional, washed and cut in half)

Chicken broth, enough to cover your vegetables and chicken with – I suggest you don’t use bullion cubes, cause it doesn’t end up coming out as thick as you might like it to.
2 1/4 cups Bisquick mix
2/3 cup milk

Brown your chicken thighs in a large dutch oven, and when cooked break apart the meat. Shred to bite-sized pieces and set aside. In the same dutch oven, or pasta pot, or whatever you happen to be using, boil your vegetables (covered in chicken broth) until they are almost done and then add the chicken back in.

While these things are cooking, make your dumplings. I just made them the way the package suggests for dumplings, which seemed to be hard enough for me to follow. I’m not sure why I find products like bisquick so daunting, but I do. I had to stop and ask for help, and then start all over again in order to get it right.


Bring broth to a boil, and drop dumplings by the spoonful to cover the top of the pot. Cook uncovered for ten minutes, and then cover and cook ten minutes longer.


When you want to reheat for dinner the next day, scoop out the dumplings and and save the soup base, and make new dumplings when you reheat.