Pomegranate Honey Butter

Posted on November 30, 2012


I failed to take any pictures of this, in the making, or afterwards or before we ate it, and before I left it at my friend’s house, but it was good.

Making a flavored butter really couldn’t be easier. The possibilities are pretty much endless. If you have a food processor, even a teeny prep one things are even easier and your options even greater.

I wanted to use up the rest of the pomegranate seeds that I had from making crostini, I was on my way to a friends house for a birthday party for which I’d made peanut butter cups because I didn’t have the patience to make cupcakes and icing.

I’m no pro, but I used the ratio of 2-4-6 (using my eyeballs, mostly, so less than exact measurements) and it seemed to come out in a good consistency. And the taste was awesome, not overwhelmingly sweet, not too wet and still spread like butter.

pomegranate honey butter

6 tablespoons butter, just above room temp, but pliable
4 tablespoons (scant…?) creamed honey
2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds, or more depending on your taste (depending on how pink you want it add some juice, but the seeds will dye it anyways)

I served this with our new favorite oatmeal bread which was devoured by itself pretty quickly. When I suggested to one of the party goers to grab the butter out of the fridge she did, tried it and then was appalled that people would eat the bread solo.

I would love to serve this on top of French toast or nice big pancakes soon, and once I can wrap my head around the proper ratio I’m off to make either
tangelo honey butter peel and all
lemon maple butter and glaze some salmon with it, perhaps?

Oh the things you can do with butter! I love it. It’s bound to be my new favorite thing for a while…