peanut butter cups

Posted on November 27, 2012


My love of Reese’s overcame me the other day. I had to have some.

I buy chocolate chips and or baking chocolate when they are on sale, or when I have coupons. I had a few bags in the drawer with no real plan to use them.

I got a metric ton of creamy peanut butter so I could keep us in peanut butter cookies for a while. It seemed like the perfect time and place to try my hand at peanut butter cups.

I only had regular sized muffin/cupcake tin liners, so without much of a choice*, I made super sized ones.

Family Dollar had good candy sized cupcake liners in Xmas colors for $1.00 so I can make more of these as soon as I get a bunch more chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cups
2 bags of baking chocolate (semi-sweet)
1 [scant] tablespoon (for regular liner sized cups)
Cupcake liners
Space made in freezer to let chocolate set up

In a double boiler, melt the chocolate. Set liners on a tray (that will fit in freezer) fill with a layer of chocolate, set in freezer for a few minutes – as a time saver, we have “super” freezer setting in this apartment, so that the freezer freezes stuff quickly, I tried using this setting. It worked pretty well.

Put peanut butter, in a ball (so chocolate can cover the sides) on top of set chocolate and cover with a decently (or to your taste) thickness of chocolate. Let this set up as well.

Store in airtight container, we put them in fridge so that they didn’t melt, but honestly they were gone in about 24 hours, so they wouldn’t have had a chance to melt, really.

*not much of a choice without leaving the house…

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