BBQ Chicken Pizza

Posted on November 26, 2012


One of the pizzas that has recently become one of the more popular and frequent orders for delivery is the BBQ chicken pizza. I wasn’t its biggest fan inthe beginning, but like many of the things I’ve tried in the last few years, instead of never trying it again, or deeming it inedible , I’ve tried it again elsewhere, or with an attempt at an open mind. It definitely was better from some places than others – some were too heavy on onions, some didn’t use red sauce and the sticky BBQ sauce seemed too heavy for the dough. It just seemed like there were soo many things that could go wrong if I tried to make it myself. Why not take it on? I have been using the freezer an awful lot lately. I would much rather double a recipe and freeze half of it, when I actually have the time to cook, than feel overwhelmed the next night and end up ordering out because I’m too tired to make anything good. The pizza dough that I chose to make the week before was a quick recipe that I’ve used often in the past little while. It’s a nice medium thickness crust, that I hoped would hold up to the toppings I was going to try to heap on this pie. It’s great when you remember to  defrost early on in the day, or label the contents of your freezer so that other people can know what the hell they are looking for.

Also in the freezer? Shredded chicken. A great thing to keep in the freezer for a quick meal. Mixed up with BBQ sauce, it’s hard not to pick at while cooking the rest of the meal.

I decided to saute a third of a red onion so that I could get a little bit more of a complex/variety of flavor than just straight bbq sauce and a layer of red sauce.