grilled cheese with buffalo chicken

Posted on October 25, 2012


I introduced my boyfriend’s mother to the buffalo chicken dip that I made this weekend. We gobbled it up while watching the oh-so-nail-bitingly-crazy Patriots game on Sunday. She hadn’t heard of it, and after helping me make it, seems ready to put it into the rotation for football Sundays or when they have a large group of people over. She also suggested pita chips instead of tortilla so you could have a stronger and more crisp chip to grab up more chicken with.

To make the dip this time, I ran to the store and got gruyere, fat free cream cheese, franks, and a rotisserie chicken. Apparently, if you want your pick of rotisserie chickens at Hannafords on a Sunday, you should get there earlier than I did. All they had left were lemon pepper ones. I took it anyways, figuring if it was really strongly flavored we could rinse it…? Thankfully no rinsing needed to be done, cause that would’ve been a bit beyond what I was willing to get into.

The side salad that I made was fresh lettuce, chopped up green pepper, and a thinly sliced radish. I used the last little bit of ranch dressing left after making the chicken dip, because I couldn’t rationalize sticking the bottle back in the fridge with about a tablespoon of dressing left.

I put butter on each side of the plain white bread (deemed good for sandwiches of all kinds by my boyfriend’s mother, a master sandwich maker – and I can only say so far that it’s good for a grilled cheese)  put the bottoms down on my cast iron skillet, melted a 1/2 slice of american cheese on one piece of bread. Adding 2 tablespoons of buffalo chicken dip, and the other 1/2 slice of american and another slice of bread with the buttered side up.

Though this sandwich was good, and nice and spicy. I think I should’ve toasted the bread a little bit, because this thing was a monster to pick up off the plate. A big gooey mess of a sandwich. Worth a try though, especially if you have leftovers that you want to use up and loaf of bread that is waiting to be tried. I give it an for effort. But I’ll have to go back to it a few times to try to make it really come together, or STAY together more like.