potato bread french toast with apples

Posted on October 17, 2012


When we went apple picking I got to take a bunch of apples home with me, we picked a ton of apples – per our mother’s request, enough apples for anything we wanted to do, pies, and to have apples for whatever might catch anybody’s fancy. We had that, and then some.

Once I had made the amazing coffee cake which now I’ll make more than once every autumn, I decided that I would have to use up some of the remaining apples with our breakfast. I was unsure of if I would cook them down into a sauce, or if I would just have them along side our breakfast.

We are a french toast house. Occasionally there will be a pancake here and there, but really, and truly, french toast is requested the most, and is almost expected when the words “what do you want to eat?” are uttered before noon. I finally (after approximately 3.6 seconds of thought which consisted of: it’s one more thing to wash later) decided against cooking down or cooking at all the apple slices. I cut them up about as thin as the toast would be, and left them between the slices of french toast to warm.

I’ve made a bunch of different kinds of french toast. I like to use challah bread, when I buy (or better yet make) it, and french baguette makes a great french toast – so soft and thicker than a regular slice this weekend coming up I’m going to investigate how well my go-to-stew-bread goes with some cream cheese and or nutella (not for me, since I can’t eat it…) when becoming french toast since it’s also a nice soft bread that could take egg well, I hope. This time I used potato bread, because it was all we had available, all I hoped was it wouldn’t fall apart while being dipped in the egg mixture.

It ended up holding up pretty well. I paid close attention to not dip it for very long, and it seemed to be a good choice, normally I’m not so vigilant when coating bread to become french toast. But it looked on the second piece like it might start breaking apart, or be hard to pull out if I’d left it in much longer. Quick, quick, quick!

This egg mixture:
3 medium eggs, room temperature
spash of simply smart 2% (to make the egg mixture the roughly the color of eggnog)
teeny pinch of salt
teeny pinch of pepper (ground small)
1/2 tsp vanilla

Drizzle with grade A maple syrup, and enjoy with a good cup of coffee, while patting yourself on the back for eating fruit so early in the day.