salmon, herbed basmati and asparagus

Posted on October 9, 2012


I decided to try roasting salmon on top of slices of lemon. I heard somewhere that it makes the fish stay more moist while it’s cooking. It also is a really good use of already zested lemons. I had a few that were kicking around in the crisper drawer, and sans peel there are fewer uses for them – I used one and a half lemons in 1/4″ (+/-) slices laid on a bakcing sheet, and set the broiler to it’s low setting.

I was almost unsure as to what to do with the top of the salmon. Usually I put the lemons on the top of the salmon. Either squeeze it over the top, add a little butter or olive oil, and then occasionally I use a glaze. But this time I had just purchased a truffle oil that came in a spray bottle. I decided to spray a little over the top of the salmon and see if it would taste any good. I think I over sprayed, or sprayed too much on the baking sheet, because it smoked up in the oven quite a bit more than I’m used to salmon doing.

Herbed rice is so freakishly easy. I’m curious as to why I didn’t try making it years ago, it’s so much more interesting to look at than plain rice, and it’s tastier than a bland side. Simply toss the cooked rice with any fresh herbs that you want –  I did a mix of parsley (curly or flat, who cares) and basil, but really anything else that you have on hand would probably taste just as good.