beef stew with sandwich bread

Posted on October 7, 2012


The average temperature continues to drop, we have entered the true beginning of Autumn; my personal favorite season for a variety of reasons, but above all it’s the best time of year to have good comfort foods enter the rotation again. It’s no longer too hot to bake whatever you want.

Before it’s cooked at least 5 hours. It’s nothing special. Just a bunch of vegetables, some lightly floured beef, and some wine, some broth, and a bunch of vegetables. I haven’t really altered the recipe I’ve used since I first made beef stew. I add a few different numbers of vegetables sometimes, usually adding to the overall amount, not really breaking from the basic ratio.

My beef stew is fairly simple. But it’s nice and thick and I like the addition of wine (another amount that is easily played with) to add flavor to it. This time I tried to rush it, and thought it would be done in 4 hours. This is not so. It takes the amount of time that it takes. Just like that. Can’t rush stew. It’s good to start making this in the late morning, instead of the early afternoon if you intent to eat dinner at a “normal” hour.

Once you can just grab a bowl of it and suggle up and watch tv, lots and lots of football, it’s some of the best comfort food. Right up there with baked mac’n’cheese, in my mind. It’s even better the next day, cause it’s even thicker, and warms up nice and quickly so you can have a quick weeknight meal the next day.

Having a good piece (or three, really… who am I trying to kid?) of bread is essential. We used the sandwich bread that I made earlier in the week, and though it was good  – I really liked the bread that I made originally to have with this – it’s a versatile bread, which also would make a pissah garlic bread. It’s not too dense or heavy. Good for sandwiches too, especially a panini… Should be doubled if you have more than four hungry people eating.