chicken sandwich

Posted on September 21, 2012


Dejavu, all over again, right? You just saw these rolls. Why do you care to see them again? Because I’ve got a few minutes and I decided to break these things down into various posts so that I can ‘splain myself, and pass the time until my food needs to come out of the oven. Really I’m putting off the laundry as long as I possibly can… The only thing that is worse than folding and putting away laundry, is feeling guilty because I’m lucky enough to have a laundry room connected to the kitchen, and still I find it an impossible task most days.

Who knows what it will be next week, last week it was canning things… But! I have decided my new favorite thing is to bread things. By bread, I mean both coating in flour, or with breadcrumbs. And by things, I mean chicken. I was in love with the herbed chicken I found the other day, and decided that I would end this chicken kick (at least for the next little while) on a high note. Lunch for dinner. Linner? Dunch? Sammiches. With enough for a leftover remix, to boot. So, by “high note” I meant “two-fer”…

One of the things that I like to add to breading, is fresh parsley – it’s got enough flavor but not too much, and it give things some color. Also, parmesan cheese is a must. One can never really have too much cheese.

Chicken Cutlets
making 4-6 thinly cut (or 2-4 boneless breasts sliced in half, width-wise…I sense my clarity diminishing…) pieces

on a small plate mix 1/2-3/4 all purpose flour and seasonings of choice, I like to use salt and pepper, and sometimes paprika
in a shallow bowl, mix up 2-3 eggs, and lightly season with salt and pepper
in another shallow bowl, mix 3/4-1 cup panko bread crumbs, 1/4 parm cheese (I like to use fresh grated, when possible), and herbs of choice

flour completely, dip in egg, and follow with breadcrumbs. I tend to try to rush this process, usually because I’m hungry and impatient, but I try to remind myself not to bread too many at a time, because I just end up crowding the pan while I’m cooking them…

See? Chicken in desperate need of space. Then I end up turning the heat up, and then the oil will burn and the last man in the pan will get all icky and burn on the outside before it actually cooks on the inside. Memo to self: my plan for next time I will endeavor to remember to do three at a time – TOPS. Because otherwise it’s just a shitshow.

Had I thought about this at all, I would’ve made some sauce and we could’ve had chicken parm subs. Because, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve been food shopping, I always have at least three types of cheese in the fridge, and, well. Next time.

I did a piece of bacon, some lettuce from my csa, hot pepper relish, and something else, but I can’t recall… My boyfriend doused his in barbecue sauce. We saw, we ate, we were full after one each. Well, and a side of sweet potato fries, but I’ll talk about that next time.