peach sunday

Posted on September 19, 2012


Maybe the trick is, don’t buy three things in bulk, smack in the middle of your busiest week in a while. Maybe thats the bit of intelligence that was missing from my half-assed planning. So, I thought, what the hell! I’ll just get peaches. A hell of a lot of peaches. My friend who splits the share with me got the peaches with me, and so I wasn’t totally overwhelmed by the amount of fruit as I could’ve been.

They were beautiful smelling, just ripe, and a good size too. I immediately stuffed them into our lunches for a few days in a row, until I feared getting sick of the taste of them. I also canned a few more jars of jalapeno & peach jelly, and set a few aside that were much more ripe than the others so that I could use them during the weekend, when I stopped by my friend’s house for Sunday Funday (aka Football Sunday) which has the highlight of my choosing slightly better players for my fantasy football team, and hoping that RG3 could catapult me into victory – oh, did I sound like I knew what the hell I was talking about? I tricked two people so far this week into thinking that I knew something about football.

Gotcha bro, I know nothing!

While shopping for my birthday meal, I managed to get more than twice as much of the mascarpone cheese than I needed for tiramisu. In effort not to let it go to waste like so many other things I happened to have to throw out this week, I packed it up with my jalapeno popper ingredients, and took off to watch to football.


When you have eaten so many meaty, and spicy things from 1pm to 7ish one really wants to break it up a bit. Or at least this guy does. I noticed that they were making caramel/cinnamon sugar rims for their Shipyard Pumpkin Ale when I walked in, and while I was ready and willing not to spend my Sunday legless, and the oh-so-quickly-following hangover while still drinking that I’ve perfected over the years… I still did like the idea of the caramel sauce.

Peach Sunday
serves 5-6
turn broiler to high, put shelf up to top of oven

6 ripe (on the softer side of ripe…) peaches, washed, cut in half, pitted
sprinkle 1/4 tsp sugar over peaces
place on baking sheet
cook until the sugar JUST starts to bubble a little

I believe I cooked these for about 5-7 mins then turned baking sheet around, because I wanted them to cook evenly, and was cooking at a friend’s house and wasn’t sure where the hot spot might be in their oven, once turned, I left them another 5-ish minutes.

spoon 2+/- tablespoons of mascarpone cheese on top
drizzle a little warmed caramel sauce (or try honey instead if you have it in the pantry?) on top

These were devoured. All agreed it was better than alamode, cause ice cream would’ve made it just a bit too sticky-sweet. The last slices of peaches were tossed in the empty container of mascarpone to wipe it clean. It’s so nice to see people enjoy something you’ve just thought up!

Note: after making this, I found out that I was not the first one to think of this combination of flavors. I did however think of it independently, so I guess this falls under the category of “great minds think alike”?

I’d like to grill some peaches and try it again, but we’ve just run out of peaches and propane- a sad sad place to be. Also my boyfriend’s face almost got taken off when he lit the grill the other night, now I see what he means when he says it’s “unreliable” and “dangerous to light”…. Damn you, grill! Hold it together just a little longer, please!