jalapeño poppers

Posted on September 18, 2012


When I received the cookbook Pioneer Woman Cooks, I made a few things from it and then lent it out to my friend who wanted to start cooking. She and her sister used it and made a few things (I believe) but I know for sure, she made these poppers.

I’ve never known someone so sensitive to peppers. While I can handle, bag, wash, cut, de seed jalapeños without gloves on, she got a burn on her hand from touching the inside of the bag holding the jalapeños. She said she could feel the heat from the bag when she stuck her hand in the top. Yikes!

Please wear some food prep gloves if you are unsure how your hands/skin will react to jalaps!

I’m not sure what the difference between my hands and Jaime’s- she’s very fair skinned, I’m not. I have callouses all over my hands, she does not. I mentioned this to my dad and he said it was probably because she’s so fair skinned or because she has asthma…?

Turns out, it’s not only the capsaicin in the pepper that makes them taste SO damn good, but you an also have some pretty serious reactions to it. I’m not sure (and couldn’t find any valuable information online about it) how you could have such a serious reaction to touching it and still be able ato eat it… I would have thought that if you were so sensitive to the chemical capsaicin you couldn’t touch the pepper, you probably shouldn’t eat said pepper… But she eats um. And a lot, very lot of other spicy things.

Getting bulk jalapeno peppers from my CSA was probably slightly less daunting than the massive load of tomatoes I received the other day. Jalapenos are a little easier to just toss in the freezer and use later, and you can use up to 20 of them in a single recipe and actually make a dent in the bag.I had meant to make salsa and can it, but alas… I let the tomatoes go too long and they became useless.

Jalapeno Poppers
from Pioneer Woman Cooks
preheat the oven to 375F

(feeds 5-6 hungry, football watching, beer drinking individuals)

  • 20 jalapenos, washed, cut lengthwise, deseeded, leaving on stem
  • 1 small block of cream cheese (or use whatever kind you have, whipped, regular, lite, maybe even try a flavored one? if you do get brave and try a flavored one, let me know if it’s any good…)
  • 1 lb bacon (not that weird maple flavored crap that stinks up your house, but regular-thick cut bacon), cut into thirds

Clean peppers (don those gloves if you need to), set aside, fill peppers with cream cheese (if you are using a tub, section off some cheese onto a plate so you don’t make the rest of the cream cheese taste like jalapenos… we did not do this… RIP cream cheese!) wrap a [1/3] piece of bacon, starting on the bottom, wrapping the fullest part of the bacon over the filling, holding it together with the toothpick (which may not be 100% necessary for cooking, but makes them easier to pick up when they are done and ready to eat.

Bake (I moved the shelf in the oven to the second or third from the top) for 25 or so minutes, I rotated the baking sheet a few times so that they could cook a little more evenly, also I was at my friend’s house so I wasn’t sure where the hotspot was in the oven…

When your bacon is fully cooked, your poppers are done. Seriously easy appetizer to make, and check for doneness. This may be a year long football food for us…

tools & notes:
toothpicks (do not use the multi-colored ones that you see us using in the pictures in the post – the dyes from the toothpicks will stain your food in strange ways… regular ones are the way to go, or cut up some skewers with kitchen shears- my hope is that given that it’s a toothpick, the dyes weren’t bad to ingest…)
food prep gloves (even if you aren’t usually sensitive to peppers, some peppers are stronger than others, and it can bite ya in the ass if you aren’t ready to deal with it – also, if you have open cuts on your hands, it’s not a bad idea to keep peppers away from those badboys!)

If you are sensitive to capsaicin, and feel like your fingers are burning after touching a pepper, first rule: don’t touch your face, eyes, or butt. Second move: wash your hands with soap and water. If that doesn’t work try rinsing your hands with vinegar. If that doesn’t help, google how much bleach to dilute with water to counteract an allergic reaction to chemicals such as this.