thin crust pizza

Posted on September 17, 2012


Have you ever bought “b-grade” tomatoes in bulk? Well, if you are planning on it, do it on a day that you will have time to do something with them SOON, don’t pick them up on the Wednesday of a ridiculously busy week and think that you can leave them “til you have time” because, you may have a schedule, but don’t believe for a hot second that the tomatoes will sync up with your’s.

If you are lucky enough to do something with more than 4 quarts of the said tomatoes before they go bad, you are ahead of the game (read: me) I was able to can 3 or 4 quarts of whole tomatoes with some of Aunty Cathy’s basil, top a few pizzas, but then the work week got so friggin hectic it was ridiculous. The rest went bad. Oh, to feel riddled with guilt for wasting food. It was a good week for this. I threw out so much food this weekend, it was disgusting.

When you haven’t had the time patience to go food shopping, pizza can be one of the easier things to throw together. I usually (no matter what else is in there) have a variety of cheeses in the fridge, some random vegetables and some odds and ends of meat.

The recipe I found for dough seemed really quick, and looked really good.

The items I pulled from the fridge this time were: buffalo mozzarella, a tomato, pesto, and dry salami with cracked pepper edges, and prosciutto.