Happy Birthday To Me!

Posted on September 11, 2012


This past Saturday I turned 28. It’s been a pretty good year, overall. Busy, at times crazy making, and exhausting, but all in all not too shabby.

I woke up, made some coffee, watched the news. Waited for what seemed like an eternity for my Auntie to call me to sing happy birthday. She usually calls at the crack of dawn. By 9:45 I called my dad to ask him if his sister was ok. She finally called at 11-ish. She had hoped to let me sleep in. I had been expecting a call starting at 6am. We obviously weren’t on the same page.

To celebrate my birthday I invited a few people over to eat, drink, and celebrate – hoping that all the hurricanes and tropical storms might avoid our coast long enough for me to celebrate my birthday however I wanted this year. For a few hours, we were fine.

  • 8am: start bread.
  • 9am: make swedish meatballs.
  • 10am: make arugula/basil pesto
  • 11am: put bread in fridge to set, go food shopping, nearly flattening several people at store with my cart – I was in a hurry to get home and get back to cooking.
  • 11:30am : start sauce
  • noon: start to make pavlova (which is one of my ALL TIME favorite desserts, and the link is the recipe I use every time I make it) , clean and prep fruit for sangria only this time I made it with plums, raspberries, and concord grapes.
  • 1pm: make and chill tiramisu, make whipped cream for pavlova
  • 1:30pm: clean and peel shrimp
  • 2pm: bake bread
  • 3pm: put swedish meatballs and peach jalepeno jelly in crock pot to keep warm
  • 3:30 cook pappardelle and gnocchi that I had frozen earlier in the week.
  • 4pm: parents arrive with white wine: mix sangria, nonchalantly suggest that it would be nice if mum divined all the nasty poop out of the shrimp for me, pour her a glass of sangria when she agrees to. Puke central. I hate (even the idea of) picking bottom feeders apart…
  • 4:30pm: realize that 3lbs of shrimp may have been a little too much… grill them with a little salt, pepper and olive oil, and manage to burn my finger on the grill. squeeze a lemon over the shrimp when done grilling.

I did manage to drink a little too much, eat too little, while reminding everybody else to eat… Go to sleep early, and wake up feeling quite a bit like somebody had kicked me repeatedly in my sleep. Ahhhh, aging gracefully life with a low alcohol tolerance. It’s a thing of beauty.

Thanks to all the people who came and celebrated, ate and drank (especially because you ate everything – clean up was a breeze the next day!) and helped cut cake, put whipped cream and berries on the pavlova, ordered more wine for delivery in the middle of the party, got me the kitchen scale I’ve wanted for a long time, and everything else that was on my list!

thanks to erica p. for taking these photos and sending them to me! nice shootin’ tex!