Labor Day Lunch

Posted on September 4, 2012



I wonder if every time we utter “perfect sleeping weather” there is some kind of counter out there in the world that makes us seem older than we really are. I know I’ve said it almost half a dozen times in the last week or so. It’s been said to me over a dozen times. Not only by the geezers that I see at work, but by some of my friends who are 30 and below.

Tonight will probably be one of those nights again. It’s been a beautiful day in Boston today. I haven’t left our house unless we are counting the back yard which is where I spent most of the afternoon, sitting in the sun, and where I ate my lunch.

There have been so many nice tomatoes making their way to me from the CSA this past little while. And though I didn’t used to like them, I’ve begun to like them a lot more. I really like to eat them with mozzarella. I’d eat almost anything with mozzarella though – who wouldn’t?

Yellow tomatoes are so tasty. I have failed to add many greens to anything I’ve made or eaten recently, so this was in that same vein. Sans greenery. I tossed some cold cuts on the plate, some mozz, and the tomatoes. I have eaten this for lunch on a couple of “end of summer” days, toss a little fresh grated pepper on them, some balsamic, and olive oil, or just a pinch of salt over the tomatoes. Nothin’ fancy. Just fresh. Good and fresh.

It’s good on days that warm up a little, you can sit in the sun and eat this without feeling like you just consumed a cement block. It goes well with a cool glass of white wine, or a glass of limeade – in my opinion. I really like no fuss meals. If the flavors are good enough there is no reason why you should spend much more time than it takes to get it on the plate.

If you needed any more reasons to eat a tomato, I suggest you take a look over here. I will be looking back on this as I slap myself in the forehead for ordering bulk tomatoes from the csa this week. That’s a promise.