sweet and spicy openfaced breakfast

Posted on September 2, 2012


Happy September! In just six days I will have crept a definite step closer to the big 3-Oh! Whatever. It’s 28. Who’s scared? Not I. I see it as an excuse to have my friends come over and hang out, eat good food, drink and enjoy each other’s company. I have yet to figure out when people are coming over, and most importantly, what I want to make.


I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat, but I knew if I were to sit around and do nothing, I wanted or needed something to accompany my iced coffee. I couldn’t decide if I wanted something spicy, or savory, or sweet, or buttery. I didn’t have the patience to cook bacon, or well really, I had already started toasting the bread and it would’ve been very cold and icky if I took much longer to get my isshhh together.

I got a few really nice heirloom tomatoes from my CSA share this past week. I made some really good pizza sauce (but more about that at a later date) and before I used the rest up to make more, I decided to chop one up for my breakfast sandwich – a far cry from the girl who wouldn’t eat tomatoes at all. Ah! I really am growing up!

What else do you do with an open faced egg sandwich when you’ve got hunger pangs and a small attention span? Throw whatever you can at the bread until it looks like it might be done.

Step 1:

put two slices of whole grain bread in toaster oven – toast both sides lightly
fry two eggs to your taste, dippy or no.

Step 2:
cut up heirloom tomato, set on/between paper towel to drain, so your bread isn’t gross and soggy
when eggs are done, place drained tomatoes on top

Step 3:
crumble feta cheese on top
crush fresh pepper, to taste
mix clover honey and scotch bonnet (hot sauce) together, drizzle on top
curse self for not having avocado or arugula or any other tasty thing that is green in the house, then eat.


This ended up being a little like the breakfast (minus a few flavors) that I got when I went out for Turkish brunch with my friend Steph. Honey and feta is a great combination. I always forget about it, but the two combined would be a good dressing for a lot of foods. I had a side of carrot salad that was dressed like that, and there was a green in it too, but I’ll be damned if I remember what it is. I think scotch bonnet sauce has to be one of my favorite things that I’ve found in this last year of my life. It’s got heat but it also enough flavor to be able to add to something, and then good enough on it’s own. Am I making sense? I probably need to go back to focusing on my coffee – hopefully not get roped into a whole day of watching The Hills reruns.

Nope. Wait. Maybe poached eggs are my favorite things that I’ve found recently. I’ll have to think about this more.