chocolate chip cookies

Posted on August 30, 2012


I don’t really like chocolate at all. I’ve been over this a great many times. After asking my better/other half if he’d try these cookies he informed me that he didn’t really like chocolate chip cookies either. Damn. Left here with all these cookies, what’s a girl to do!?

Silly girl. Not left with cookies, really. I passed them off to have my boyfriend share with his hammer-wielding coworkers, pushed a few through the window to my dad at 7am when I met up with him before I got to my jobsite for the day. The rest, I dropped off at the supply house where I have a captive audience when it comes to taste-testing my food. Guinea pigs, more like. They swear they’ll try anything I hand their way. I have yet to get a report back as to how they tasted*.

I for the life of me can’t really handle conversions. Is this because I don’t have a kitchen scale? Is it because I”m trying to cook after work and all my brain cells have been worn out by a long day of pulling wires and explaining to clients that while smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors may not be the most attractive thing ever, not burning to death is VERY ATTRACTIVE to me – in a kind and understanding polite way.

I’m not sure why these fell. I’m sure it has a lot to with my inability to focus on doing math while mixing things.

I wondered as they cooked if they had to be rollable by hand, or balled up by hand at least and not loose. The photos from the original blog I found them on look like that… Perhaps I need to get my dumbass american self one of those dish towels of conversions. Or maybe print the most useful ones out and post them inside the closest cabinet door to the stove?

Chocolate Chip Cookies
adapted screwed up by me, after seeing beautiful pictures of tasty looking cookies from Figs & Brie

makes about 2 cookie sheets worth…

(I would suggest doing your own math, but in case anybody wants to tell me how I screwed everything up, aka check my math… Please feel free to tell me where I went wrong. The original measurements are in italics, and what I used is directly after, some measurements were )

(180g) 12 tablespoons butter (unsalted)
1/3 c caster sugar (aka sugar that’s been spun a bit in my little prep food processor)
(395g) 1 12oz can condensed milk
1-1/2 cup (plus 3-1/2 tbsp) self raising flour
(250g) 2 cups chocolate chips

Cream butter and sugar, mix in wet and dry ingredients alternating.

Hope that it comes out less soupy than mine.

Cook at 355F for about 15 mins, check for golden brown on the bottom.

Cool and store, or cool a little less and eat.

*I heard back from the guys who ate the cookies and they liked them. They didn’t like the fact that they had to share, or that I didn’t give them enough, but they liked them, even though they were weirdly flat, they still had good flavor, a little less directly sweet than your average chunky chocolate chip cookie, but still had the chew of a big puffy cookie.

This recipe may hit the back burner until I can do math better.