Drinks of Summer: Tuesday’s Gin

Posted on August 29, 2012



Sometimes I dislike eating alone.

I hate waiting for people. It’s obnoxious. So instead of looking at the food I made and wait for somebody to partake in eating it with me, I made myself a plate, cleaned things up a little bit, poked around the cupboards a little bit, and decided to make myself a drink.

I’m not really “big” on cocktails. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not much of a drinker – I’m forever getting slack from my sisters for not being able to handle more than two glasses of white wine. “Oh, man, Jules, are you wasted? Did you have more than ONE glass again? Oooohhhhh, Juuuuules!” Razz away, ladies. I’m good. I usually only like to drink things that taste good to me, logical, right? I don’t like the feeling of being drunk, so… enough about me, I guess.

Backstory on my drinking habits were only good for an indication of how well I stock my house as far as the liquor cabinet is concerned.

Not well.

As a nod to the fact that I decided that I would partake in fantasy football this season (season? see why I shouldn’t…) I decided to drink out of the superbowl glass instead of any of the other… shape glasses? I’ve just let everybody know that I know nothing about glasses, the mixed drinks that go in them, and above all else: football.

So on this night, after fast forwarding through all the commercials standing between me and the Law and Order marathon, I decided I’d make myself a drink with whatever I had here. I’m calling it Tuesday’s Gin, because I’m terribly uninspirede at naming things, and I’m pooped from a long two days – this week may break me will be a long one.

Tuesday’s Gin
in a shaker full of ice add

1-1/2 parts gin
1-1/2 parts st germain

shake until mixed, pour over
a little ice
1 part raspberry & lime seltzer water

search through fridge:
realize there is no fruit of any kind in there and give up.
remember you threw out the peach because it was getting sloppy about the edges.
drink as is.