salmon and two salads

Posted on August 23, 2012


In just a few words, I can show you how to bastardize a perfectly good recipe, by the legend, the lady herself. Julia Child. It’s vinaigrette. It’s super easy. But, in my world, it is even easier to walk by the aisle that holds vinegars and oils without noticing time and time again.. This means that I have white vinegar, and balsamic. And only two kinds of oil: olive, and vegetable, there are a variety of combinations and sometimes helpful substitutions that make this a passable inventory. But when I want red wine vinegar, damn, I really want it!

Almost a year ago I made this recipe for the first time. I had put forth the effort to shop for the proper things and made sure that I had all of the things that a proper salad should have (like cucumbers, and peppers, and other things…) such as more than three ingredients.

One of the best ways I think salmon can be made is very simply. It comes out crispy and tastes really good!

Simply Salmon
Take salmon, rinse, check for bones, cut fillet into good serving sizes

Put on either aluminum foil, or parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Brush the parchment paper lightly with olive oil.

Place fish on paper.

Brush fish lightly with olive oil (don’t drizzle it on, it will be too much) and then dust with fresh crushed salt.

Broil for 20 minutes or so, until the fish flakes easily if you pull at it with a fork.

New potatoes, I went with something that I googled that didn’t have garlic in it, or lemon, because I avoided those aisles at the grocery store today too. I kind of really liked the taste of the sauce, cheesy goodness. I had to change the type of salmon that I was going to make to accomodate the heavy tatste of the potatoes, and the fact that I had failed to buy SO MANY things today.

Toss a salad with your favorite green salad ingredients (or whatever you have in the house…) and lightly drizzle salad dressing over each serving.

This travels well for lunch the next day. I made extra of everything (because I constantly cook like we are having a HUGE dinner party, when really it’s normally just two of us…) and packed the salmon up on top of leftover salad. Potatoes got their own container, cause the cheese want nice enough to eat with the salmon, but I wouldn’t like it if it sat with it overnight, I didn’t think…

Put salad dressing on in the morning, or keep in a separate container til you are ready to eat. Break up salmon on the salad.