auntie’s flat bread (pizza)

Posted on August 21, 2012


One thing that I am frequently surprised about: how much I enjoy eating a fresh tomato. This seems like no crazy ordeal, for sure. But had you met me over a decade ago and suggested I chop up a nice fresh tomato and toss a piece in my mouth, I would tell you that you must be batshitcrazy, and no, no I would not do any such thing. The most exciting thing I got last week from my CSA share? A large red tomato.

When we go to visit the Auntie’s for sunday supper, I usually head home with as much, if not more food than I brought with me. It’s a special talent, I think, to ever so casually pack up LOADS of food while chitchatting over a glass of chardonnay, and not let me really realize how MUCH stuff I’ve brought home until I’m unloading it… The above is a flat bread that Aunty D got at a bakery in Salem, NH. I can’t remember if she told me the name, or if I’ve forgotten. But it’s obviously seasoned, upon closer inspection, it had sesame seeds, and LOTS of “italian seasoning” flavors. I wanted to make something quick, easy, and hope against hope that it was going to be enough to fill both of us for dinner. It turned out being an appetizer, but, paired with a salad? This could be dinner, for sure.

I bought myself some pancetta at the end of last week. I’ve frozen some already. Chopped it up fairly thin, assuming a general amount for future recipes, but we’ll see how well I did with eyeballing that later on…For now I had to use up the flat bread which had been retrieved from the freezer for me, and had thawed out on the counter overnight, and that tomato. That damn tomato was practically taunting me from it’s dish on the table. So I chopped the hell outta it.

Then I realized that I was smart enough to buy fresh mozzarella cause it was on sale, and then I had a really hard time returning to the task at hand… Finally I talked myself out of just stuffing my face and getting a move on with the pizza process.

Auntie’s Flatbread Pizza

Preheat oven to 375F (maybe not right away, mine preheats quickly so I waited til the zucchinni was cooked then flipped it on…)

1 large flatbread (another option, if you don’t have flatbreads in inventory due to sicilian shopping sprees is to go to Trader Joe’s and get plain naan? and make a few smaller ones…)
1 large fresh tomato sliced thin, then chopped up into (8ths?) small bite sized pieces
1/2-1 cup chopped fresh mozzarella (to taste, and also to size of flat bread)
2 baby zucchini’s, sliced thin, tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper (baked in toaster to keep the kitchen cooler, but maybe preheat earlier and cook in oven?) bake separately until lightly browned/roasted through
1/4 c pancetta chopped up thin and small bite sized – cook in a little saute pan, and set aside to drain on a paper towel, or whatever you usually use for this…

I like to pre-cook some of my doughs, and I did the same (for about 4-6 mins?) so that my toppings didn’t make this super thin bread all kinds of soggy, cause that would have been gross, and in my opinion, inedible… Oooph, textures. Gotta have them right. Once precooked, I added the toppings, and then tossed it back in the oven (middle rack) and cooked until the cheese was melted completely – roughly 15-25 minutes, and it literally only gets longer if you keep opening the damn door to check things! Let it cool for a few minutes, slice and try a slice.

Other toppings I would like to try next time: Sausage, pepper, onion. Something with chorizo, maybe with a plain flatbread I can make a faux-breakfast chorizo, egg of some sort, flatbread pizza…? I would like to do some kind of broccoli rabe, onions (cooked way down) and maybe sicilian olives…? There are so many options.