Quick Pizza

Posted on August 10, 2012


You know how sometimes you get home and you don’t really want to make anything, but you are starving, and there is a little (oh, fine, I’ll admit it…) voice of logic in the back of your head that tells you, it will take just about the same amount of time to order something and have it delivered as it will to MAKE something, and in the end, you’ll save money… 

At times, I can easily ignore this voice of reason, and just order something while sitting like a bump on a log watching tv. Sometimes, I start to feel guilty for buying food to stock the fridge with, and then don’t end up using it. I wanted to eat quickly, and some of the pizza dough recipes I have saved need to sit for an hour or two. I found a new recipe to use that worked with my time frame.

It’s quick. It’s good. It’s a lot thicker than I thought it might be. But. Hey, that’s cool. I can dig it.

I literally pulled out whatever meats we had in the fridge and used them for a topping. I do not suggest this as a rule to live by, but sometimes it can work out ok. We had smoked sausage (Johnsonville, it tastes a bit more like a weird hotdog to me than anything else… but that opinion may not be shared with anybody else…) and salami… meh. It was ok.

To store these, I put them in-between layers of parchment paper, and then in a ziploc-type-gallon-sized bag, and to reheat, I heat the oven to about … anywhere between 350-385F just putting the parchment paper on a cookie sheet and wait til the cheese melts again. Also, for leftovers for lunch, I eat them cold. If you get a good consistency of sauce on there, and enough good cheese – it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold.