BLTTFE sandwiches on fresh bread

Posted on August 7, 2012


I am lovin’  this bread. For serious. It’s bomb, so easy to make. If you didn’t follow the link in my last post about this bread, get after it kiddos. GO. MAKE. THIS. BREAD. I found this website after a multitude of searches, and perhaps it was linked to another blog and the name just caught my eye? I don’t even remember exactly how I got there, the important part is- I did find it. And now I’m making it that much easier for some of you to explore it.

It’s not something that you have to be on top of, and watch the whole time. It just does it’s thing, and the biggest/most time consuming thing you have to do, it make space for it to fit in your fridge overnight.

It tastes very good these ways:

used as a sandwich, but if chewing is not your forte, or your fave… don’t bother, cause this is a chewy sandwich bread. I made some BLTTFE (bacon,lettuce,tomato,turkey,fried egg) sandwiches the other night. Not too shabby…

as crostini, but for serious, do better than I did at cutting it before toasting it, and watch the oven

sliced up with mango butter and fresh goat cheese

I am off to discover what other breads I can make from this same website. I think I’ve struck some artisan “gold” if you will… So, what I’m wondering is, what are your favorite recipes you’ve stumbled upon?

And, now, just a picture of something pretty I saw while walking to my car….