Orecchiette mixed in a mixer

Posted on July 26, 2012


I cannot find the cord for my camera so until then, i have zip fir photographic evidence… Bear with me, I’ll find it eventually…

Due to my “fly by the seat of my pants” meal planning skills, it seems that I manage to make orecchiette only when it is HOT AS HELL out. Last time we didn’t even have a ceiling fan remotely close to kitchen, this time we have air movement.

I didn’t squish them out like you are supposed to. My bad. They taste a the same, but have more of a gnocchi texture this way.

The recipe I used for the pasta was better than the one I used last time (link to old recipe) and by better I mean simpler. No need to feel badly for not having a kitchen scale, or have to do a million math problems to reach a measurement in cups. Phew. It was so simple I made a double recipe which fit easily in my stand mixer.

I don’t think that the stand mixer mixes pasta or bread dough enough, though it does the dirty work really nicely, I almost always knead the doughs a little bit (bread obviously gets kneaded a lot more) after.

Keep the dough covered (use damp paper towel, or damp clean dishcloth) while making up each section of pasta. I grabbed a handful of dough, make a snake with it, about 1/2″ (eyeballed) round, and lay down on lightly floured cutting board. With small knife (I use my kitchenaid pearing knife) cut piece of dough rope, press knife against cut piece of dough and with even pressure, pull towards you. I dare you to try to make them look uniform- it seems impossible, and the difference in shapes don’t matter, it’s the size, so they cook evenly that really matters. See! Size does matter…. I’ll try to be a but more descriptive once I get these pictures loaded….

Better yet, just watch this lady chat as she cuts up pasta, she’s killin it. Oh the things you can find on youtube!

At this point you can put these on a baking sheet and freeze and then bag up for later, or if you are making it right away, keep reading…

Let pasta dry for about an hour in the meantime make your sauce. Boil a pot of well salted water and cook for about 10-13 mins or until the pasta floats at the top of the water. Drain, retaining a few tbsp of pasta water (if it soaks up your sauce too much) and serve with whatever sauce you choose. I’ve made this with chunky sauces, because of the shape of the pasta it holds the sauce well.