hot town, summah in tha city!

Posted on July 24, 2012



My impromptu hiatus from the blogosphere has been brought to you in part by: the oppressive heat, a fairly heavy work schedule, and other distractions.

It has been hot. Like, oh, hot damn! H-O-T, hot here in the glorious city of Boston. While I have never been more thankful that we chose to move to a house with central air (sliced bread has nuthin’ on central air, it is THE BEST THING, hands down) the heat is inescapable during the work day. Which left us, out of our minds dehydrated, sleepy, cranky and a hot mess, most days.


The above is a TEENY HOLE in an attic crawl space that I was squeezing myself through for two days in a row until I nearly sweat to death and had hit a serious wall. I literally had to have myself pulled out of the hole the last time after lunch on the second day. It was outrageous. I would not wish that on any damn body! I was told several times that I would shower immediately upon going home, oh, oh really?! Thanks guys. I caught my reflection in a few mirrors, and when I went outside to catch my breath, I got honked at a LOT by passing contractor’s trucks. I looked a little like this….

…only head to toe, and covered in itchy blown in insulation as well. Seriously. Who wants to eat, much less cook, grocery shop, or even stand up at the end of a day like that?! Not this guy. That’s for damn sure.

The work days usually get a bit longer during the summer, we had a lot of “open jobs” entering July, and sure enough (as I had predicted…) this means it’s hella busy now that we are getting calls from people who can’t beat the heat and need ceiling fans, or A/C circuits installed on top of the already somewhat chaotic day-to-day. Nobody should be surprised, no need to get excited either, just keep truckin along…

Other distractions, you say? Oh, yes. Well, if I weren’t already ADD, I’d probably have been sent for a tailspin… I literally have picked up my computer upwards of a dozen times to post some meals/recipes, but faithfully distracted, I put it down again and went on to the next thing!

There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day (still) and in general, I think I’m lacking a little vip or vim… Not sure which…


Those little feet belong to our new roommate. So far, she’s pretty chill. And surprisingly quiet! She has a lot of much older friends over the house and stays up later than I do, but then again, I go to bed freakishly early, and she carpools daily with the rest of our roommates, so it’s fitting.

I hope to return my life to some sort of more normal or structured chaos in the near future… Fingers crossed it will be near the end of this week! Until then, stay hydrated, people, and enjoy whatever time off you can get this summer!