lazy guy’s pasta salad

Posted on July 6, 2012


To tell the truth, I mean tired. Not cheap or lazy. But, it could easily be any of them. This recipe for pasta salad should be made with tortolini, but sometimes when I’m shopping, I can picture something sitting in my house, on a shelf, or in a drawer, and I can picture it so easily. So clearly! When I get home, sometimes the thing is there, where I pictured it, to a tee! Sometimes it’s nowhere to be found. Either tortolini can grow legs and walk away, or… I’m a delusional shopper and am picturing something I’ve seen on a grocery store shelf…? Who knows what’s going on for me. But I was deliriously warm after almost sweating to death all day — it was not a great day for me.

Lazy Guy’s Pasta Salad 
1 lb (or a little less if using crazy replacement pasta like I did…)  cheese tortolini
1/2 large fresh tomato (got mine from the csa!)
1/2 small onion chopped up REALLY SMALL
1 med/lg red pepper chopped up small
italian dressing to coat

cook pasta, cool, short pour of olive oil just to lightly coat pasta
put in fridge, to chill more.

chop up veggies (be smart enough to buy black olives, I clearly did not manage to do this…chop olives up in thirds or smaller…)

I heated up some kielbasa to eat with it. It was ok. I was not too enthusiastic about the meat, but it was on sale, so I guess it’s worth trying…

I feel like this needed feta cheese and black olives. In a big way. I ate more of it today at lunch for leftovers. I may have had a heavy hand on the onion part of things. It tastes SO much better with the cheese from the tortolini balancing out the crunchiness of the red pepper.