Father’s Day weekend part 1

Posted on June 15, 2012


My dad loves chocolate. Loves it. L-O-V-E! I wonder, at times if we are truly blood relations, given my general dislike for the stuff- unless of course its covering the inner, peanut butter part of a Reese’s. But seriously, who can say no to a Reese’s?!

Last night I decided we could start off the weekend at the crack of dawn with something sweet. I’m up making lunches and coffee at 5:30 in the morning, so anything like a cupcake would have to be started after dinner.

By 11:00pm I had finally cleaned the kitchen to a manageable sort of a state. Packed up all the cupcakes and icing and realized that we had


bread in the house, so there would be no lunches for Friday… Bah! Win some, lose some, I suppose…?

Martha Stewart has the ability to annoy the hell out of me really quickly. The fault may be 85% – her voice… But if I don’t think about her while baking one of her recipes, I’m good to go.

I used this cupcake recipe that I made Bruins Playoff cupcakes with, but somewhere in cleaning up dinner, putting it on the table counter- even now that we have a real table, we still sit at our peninsula counter, which, of you sit at the end (which I always do) you get a good view of the tv or the oven.

One thing of note: if you are making this recipe and use your kitchenaid mixer, make sure you take a spatula and clean out the bottom, and make sure everything mixes in properly.

One thing I need to learn to buy something in order to do- sift the friggin chocolate powder into the mixer. It clumps up like mofo if you don’t. I don’t have anything to sift with, and it has been the bane of my existence for quite some time now…

Why did I make my dad cupcakes with pink frosting? Well, because I only had three options for jam in this frosting and I couldn’t make up my mind at all!

The options for icing favors were:
1. Raspberry- with seeds, sorry Ms. Itsagoodthing. I like Trappist jam. It comes with seeds.
2. Lemon curd- does it have the same consistency as jam? I didn’t know. I didn’t want to waste all the butter if it didn’t…
3. Marmalade- really? What possessed me to buy marmalade? I didn’t even remember that I had bought it.

I went with option one.

yes, i ate this over the sink…

Rationalization for pink frosting? My dad has 4 daughters. And we’ve probably made him age quite a bit faster than he should’ve. Myself especially, I’m a hoodlum from waaaayyyy back. I used to throw pieces of furniture when I was mad- at times, breaking kitchen chairs. It was a rough go for a while there. But now we spend 60+/- hours a week together at work, and have been doing so for almost a decade, and everybody is still alive… So, I’d say things are going well.

So, back to cupcakes. They didn’t mix up all that well. I’d hazard a guess that the clumping of the cocoa made other ingredients clump along with it. Doomed to failure!!!!! I may have been more worried about this than I should have been. I also think that if I’d focused at least 45% of my attention on the baking that I was doing… I would’ve added the ingredients a little at a time and not just dumped stuff in the mixer.

Sometimes it seems like I assume because I’m using a stand mixer, my participation in baking can be more lax… Wrong-o!

Anywho. I tried one. They were good, but pretty obviously not well mixed. Gah! The icing is surprisingly good, considering it has 3 cups of Fluff in it. Have you ever tried to measure fluff? Nightmare! Cleaning up after it was less of a pain than I thought it would be though.

Just a note: The icing and cupcakes survive 8+ hours in the car on a warm day if you pack them well with ice packs. I have one of those igloo lunch bags, use 3 packs with the icing.

Then, later you can see things like this appear on your facebook…

I think he likes them…