Posted on June 13, 2012


I sat for about 20 minutes, scratching my head, trying to figure what the hell it meant. 900 mg flour, can be converted, but when I got to the point where it was fresh vs, dry yeast, then dividing in thirds, then having had one drink (see: French Gimlet I made the same day) I was totally perplexed. It was rough.

I finally searched around until I found a recipe that wouldn’t need to be converted, and which called for dry yeast, but somewhere in there I got confused again. I blame the second drink.


I used pre made tikka masala sauce. Because somewhere in the process of moving some of my spices didn’t make it back onto the shelves. I am at the epicenter of Indian food shops at the end of every work day, but recently haven’t felt like stopping- just felt like going straight home. So store bought it was.


The only thing the recipe, or the drinks, really, got me turned around on was if using “x” type yeast, do this, if using “y” skip and follow next paragraph. Clearly this was too much for me to comprehend.


When the dough finally rises, let out a good long sigh of relief, then preheat the oven to 500, yes, five hundred, degrees. This is not for the feint of heart, the people who don’t clean their ovens often, or for summertime. You’ve been warned.

Divide dough into 10-12 smaller pieces, roll into balls. Leave under clean dish towel to let “set” until it’s time to bake. Roll them out one by one and after putting it on the pizza stone, sprinkle or lightly spray with water.


Let them cook until they’ve begun to brown on the top. This takes just over 5 mins in my oven, with the bottom rack all the way at the bottom, or second level… Can’t recall….


It took me until I was almost done, and far too tired to mess around with baking for much longer, to try to fit two on the pizza stone at once…


It was ok. I should’ve made the naan a bit thicker, or maybe it was that first part, before the liquor wore off where I messed up with the yeast… Who knows. It tasted good, it was just very thin. Back to the drawing board with this one, and definitely NEVER cooking them in the oven again. The house was hot forever afterwards. I need a cast iron skillet. Fo’sho.