easy scampi with homemade pasta

Posted on June 10, 2012


Saturday night was a long time coming. Our simple errands took a wrong at  the second floor entrance to Macy’s, and forced us in  circles, talking to more of mall security than I ever knew existed. By the time we got to Dom’s (sausage) they had been closed an hour. We turned around in the parking lot the lady who was locking up called out, “Sorry!” as we left looking so forlorn. I was almost sure there was no meat, none at all in our fridge or freezer-none that could be used without 24+hours of defrosting. Nightmare!

Then, I saw it! A pound or so of shrimp in the back of the freezer! AH HA! All was not lost. l googled “easy shrimp scampi” knowing I would have about 85 percent of the ingredients in most of the recipes. The trick is usually just finding the right one to fit your cupboard.

Today had felt grueling-in that “hitting one’s head against a wall “sort of a way. I mean, really, who knew to check if it’s A DSL router/modem?! All I wanted was a good meal, a glass of wine.

always use drinkable wine for your recipes

The recipe I went with was indeed easy, but included a fairly shocking amount of butter, and this is coming from somebody who has never shyed away from butter, and is the reason my mum would find fingerprints in the butter when it was left out – yes. I would eat it straight off the butter dish…. Hindsight? That’s kinda gross and unhealthy for a little kid to be doing. It hasn’t stopped me from using it in almost everything since though.

We had this with some spaghetti made using the same recipe I used for my fettucini from earlier in the week. Once the mayhem of cutting pasta and melting butter, but mostly trying NOT to burn my garlic, which I almost almost did… I suggest getting somebody to help you, or grow two more hands, or work out some way of timing this for yourself that ends up being better than what I did… Holy crap was that out of control for a little while… Do not walk away from this while you are cooking either – 4 minutes may be good for fettucini, but this spagetz, it cooked to more than al dente, and I have NO CLUE how long it was in there…

Wow… Tangent? I think so…

Like I was saying, once that chaos subsided, I was trying to figure out the actual cost of making homemade pasta, vs buying it from the store. My boyfriend said he didn’t really care what the cost difference was, as long as I was willing to make it – he preferred homemade pasta. I agree, and if we’re not counting the initial cost of the Kitchenaid, or the pasta attachment (both well over $100.00 each) then I figured it would be something like this… I’m no math wiz, nor did I weigh how much pasta I made, but eyeballing it, it looked like well over a pound…

adapted from NancysRecipes

In a skillet, heat 1/4 cup of olive oil ( used a little less than that, I did a “long pour”… if you will…)
-add 3 cloves of garlic (minced)
-Cook on medium-low until soft (not BROWNED, do not walk away from this like I did…)
-add 1/2 cup  unsalted butter (see what I mean? that’s where she almost lost me…)
-cook low until melted to combine.
-add shrimp 1 + pound) deveined and cleaned (I used frozen)
-add crushed red pepper to taste
-add 1/2 cup dry white wine (I used what I had to drink, cause a wise manager of a liqour store once told me, “if you can’t drink it – why the HELL are you gonna eat it, honey?!” so, buy drinkable wine to cook with, that’s the lesson there.)
-Simmer on low-til shrimp are cooked and have turned a light pink
-mix in with pasta in, either pasta pot, or a serving bowl, if you am gonna get all fancy.
(add salt and pepper! —- I forgot to!)
-Chop small bunch of fresh parsley-toss to combine.
Optional: Squeeze the juice of half a lemon on top (I used the one that I zested for my pancakes that morning)

I also made (totally last minute, after tossing the parsley in – cause who can have TOO MANY CARBS, especially after bathingsuit shopping earlier…) took a few slices of french bread that we had, cut it in good size pieces, threw a bit of butter on them, broiled quickly, took them out, added prosciutto, then topped with mozzarella cheese (grated) and broiled again for a few mins until cheese was melted.

It was good. In the end it seemed a bit greasy. I was the only one to voice this, but is it a coincidence I was also the only one who saw how much butter went into it…? Perhaps, not. It was simple-was a nice addition to the homemade spaghetti that I made, and it reheated today nicely for a (late) lunch. This is quick enough to make for a weeknight meal as well.