Drinks of Summer : The French Gimlet

Posted on June 10, 2012


While walking around Kappy’s the other day, in search of Crabbie’s  – as this is the ONLY location near by that seems to sell it,  though I’ve seen signs elsewhere that indicate at the very least, an acknowledgement of it’s existence in the states –  I stumbled upon a very welcome display of St. Germain. It’s snappy little orange neon sign said: $24.99! I said WHAT?! aloud. I definitely was that lady talking to herself in the liquor store… Really, it could be worse, there could be no sale for the things I like and want.

My older sister makes a killer sangria with St. Germain and a few other things (read: types of fruit). I will have to get her recipe from her, and then make people come over and drink it with me. It’s delicious, but after having one, I was spilling my drinks on myself, and fairly incapacitated — truthfully, I was asked to sit down, out of the way while they finished cooking. If I haven’t mentioned it, I have a very low tolerance, and in comparison, my sisters are capable of outstandingly heavy drinking (read: I am a 1 beer queer).

Next to the display I found a notecard. It invited me to make a French Gimlet. On the reverse side, it suggested that I go shopping for limes (which I failed to do while at Kappy’s…) which I finally did this morning at Trader Joe’s. Limes at TJ’s are a bit on the small side, compared to where I usually shop (Market Basket) but I was shopping with a friend today, so I got a bag for about $2-$3 bucks, just to try this drink out – it requires 3 limes.

As a side note, we FINALLY HAVE A KITCHEN TABLE SET UP AT OUR HOUSE! It only took… oh, what… 2+ months. But now as soon as we get some floor protectors on this bad boy we can be sitting at a normal height table, if we please, to eat our meals. Or, we can have as many as EIGHT, yes that’s right, eight people sitting and eating at the same time in our kitchen. I bought a basil plant at TJ’s and I promised my friend Steph I wouldn’t kill it. I am REALLY hoping to keep this promise. It’s sitting as a center piece right now on the new table.

French Gimlet
You will need:
3 limes
st germain
gin or vodka (I bought bulldog gin, as it was inexpensive and easy to carry due to it’s bulky bottle style)

Step one: wash limes
chill martini glass

Step two: cut quarter sized bit of peel for garnish and to twist oils off into drink at finish
cut limes in half – squeeze juice from them

Step three: in a shaker  put two parts gin, one part st garmain, and 1/2 part fresh lime juice

Step four: shake aggressively

Step five: pour into chilled glass, twist peel and drop into glass or hang from side, whichever you like – I found in fell into the drink easily but for presentations sake, you might want to keep it on the side…? Who knows.