Posted on June 4, 2012



“jooooliaaaaahhh! lunchtime!” I’m not working with popdukes today, which means coffee break and lunch times are very regimented. 9am, coffee. 12:15-12:30, we must stop for lunch. It’s always seemed a bit early to me, but this dude wakes up at around 4 am, so he’s more than peckish by noon.

I am not an all star when it comes to making sandwiches. I’ll be the first to admit it. I could very easily blame this on the fact that I make the majority of my sandwiches at 5:30 in the morning, which is an hour that in my opinion very little should be attempted, especially in my case.

My better half makes a mean sandwich. A skill I can only assume was passed down to him from his mum, who makes awesome sandwiches and wakes up before the birds naturally, so things probably seem less tragic to her around 5am than they do for me.

I have never really liked tomatoes. Not just be themselves. When we used to live on a farm everybody else would eat them like apples- this turned me off even more from attempting to eat them.

Until I found the yellow tomato. This little guy changed my opinion on tomatoes.



That having been said, I rarely add tomatoes to sandwiches for my lunch, or my boyfriend's.

The 3-4 sandwiches I make each morning are void of tomatoes, but include the following:

Bread: homemade or store, most often wheat.

Deli meat: usually two different ones to switch off each day- most likely whatever is on sale, and not gross. My boyfriend really really wants me to make roast beef at home and chop it up for sandwiches for the week- I don't like roast beef, sooooo that hasn't happened yet….

Cheese: alternating between cheddar, Swiss and American, sometimes dependent upon sales. I don't like Swiss either.

I also put Olivia's Organics Spring Mix (well, this week and last…) in there too, toss some deli dressing on it, like a light dressing so it doesn't taste "like dirt” to some people….

When I make tuna, light on the mayo (cause mayo is pretty gross when used in excess) an some pickles or celery chopped up really small.

Spicy brown mustard, mayo, and deli dressing are all that make it on the bread, and not too much of any of them. I’m not big on condiments…

All in all, these things are passable, but if I could concentrate and or think straight at 5am, I’m sure lunch would be tastier.

Some things I make for dinner turn into leftover lunch really easily:
Mac n Cheese

Some aren’t “so hot” (no pun intended…) the next day- and in our line of work (construction) it’s infrequent that we have anywhere to heat anything up, and there are some things I have a hard time choking down cold. Just can’t wrap my head around it.