chorizo rice and teeny potatoes, topped with a poached egg

Posted on May 31, 2012


It was warm today, especially in the sun. I, thankfully got to spent most of my day in the basement of the house we were working in. I was kind of happy to do the work by myself, it meant that I got to do it exactly how I wanted, and it came out as tidy as I could muster in the time allotted. I stopped by a supply house to return boxes lent to me when I was moving (so prompt, aren’t I? Only a few months later…) and we discussed food.

This got me thinking:
A) when would I have enough time to make peanut butter cookies?
B) when would I have enough time to drop these cookies off to them?
C) would it be too hot out to start baking… oh wait, that thing called central air, we have it now…
D) what the christ am I going to make for dinner!?

I have used recipe searching websites in the past, but I’ve never really liked anything that has come up. I decided I would just google a few ingredients that were taking over my fridge. I think that I’d forgotten I already had eggs, or how many, maybe – but I’d doubled up on a few things and there were a bunch of vegetables that were on their last leg – as it were.

I found several things that had chorizo and rice, but nothing that had eggs and all of the other things, that also sounded like they’d taste good. Until I saw something that said “notting hill” in the header of the google result. Anything that reminds me of a bad romantic comedy with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, is what I like!

Chorizo Rice
adapted from a wise, wise woman who thinks you should cook to please your own taste, to enjoy! (she says she tweaked it a bit) from one of Nigel Slater’s books.

in a small pot:
1 cup of sticky white rice
1 3/4 cups cold water
stir, boil, then low heat for 25 mins to simmer until the water cooks off and then take off heat
set aside until chorizo is done cooking
in a separate pan (hopefully you have a larger skillet than the sad looking 9″ one I got once we moved… I’m sorely missing a LARGE skillet in my life)
2 medium chorizo sausages for cooking, sliced  into thin
1 small onion, chopped small
2 sticks of celery (the bag said celery hearts, so I figured two were like one big one…) chopped small
1 small yellow squash chopped up small
1 vegetable chicken stock cube (I didn’t read vegetable, I grabbed a chicken cube… woopsie!)
1 clove of garlic (optional), chopped small
1 teaspoon of paprika (optional)
3 teaspoons of scallion greens (cause I didn’t have anything else that was fresh and green and easy to add)
Fry chorizo in some olive oil, when oil gets a little red, add the onions and garlic. Fry for a few more minutes until the onions/garlic smell like they are cooking through, then add celery and yellow squash. Add the stock cube by crumbling it into the pan. When mixed in, add the cooked rice and fry the whole thing for another few minutes until all mixed in. Add paprika (if you are using) and sprinkle chopped parsley green vegetable to garnish.

Try to remember not to mix up after you’ve put the garnish on, cause it’s totally defeats the purpose…

I made “teeny tiny potatoes” from Trader Joe’s, boiled for a few minutes in medium pan, and then put a little bit of unsalted butter and tossed them around so they were a little bit coated. I set those aside in the microwave to stay warm while I waited for the guest of honor my lovely boyfriend to get home.

 I poached some eggs. I have never done this before. I’ve quaked in my boots, and wondered if Julia Child spent more than a page, and Julia & Julie several minutes, and there are MILLIONS of youtube videos dedicated to how to not fuck this up totally —- CAN I DO IT?! 
Then I stopped freaking out, googled how hot to make the water, and gave it a whirl. I messed up one egg. I only made two more, though, in retrospect, I had another 19 eggs in the fridge I could’ve attempted with. Once this information was passed along to my dinner company, I heard “I could’ve eaten about 4 more” but I’d thrown the water out and I’d already sat down, so there was little hope of me getting up again.
These potatoes are so small that they looked like olives! The egg looked a little weird to me at first, and I hoped I had made the right choice to add it to the meal. It felt like it took an agonizingly long time to poach these two eggs. I can’t imagine if I had taken the time to poach four more for him and another for myself… ugh. We would’ve been eating this for breakfast! But, future reference : when in doubt, I guess… poach a few extra eggs.

 I am 27 years old, and I have poached my first 3 eggs. I’ve eaten my first poached egg. Not bad for a Thursday… Now if only I could remember where I put my battery charger for my camera so I can take slightly better photos….