Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on May 28, 2012


I hope everybody had a lovely, safe “unofficial start” to the summer. The end of last week looked dismal. I was sick as a dog, couldn’t breath through either nostril, which meant I woke up choking several times a night- dreadful. I thought the long weekend was doomed. It didn’t help that the weather guys said we would get thunderstorms all weekend!

While I was sick, I made myself

makeshift ramen:
2 1/2 chicken bullion cubes
2 cups boiling water
Lots of fresh crushed black pepper
Franks red hot sauce
Egg noodles I bought somewhere…
and scotch bonnet sauce at the very end – to try to burn my sinuses open!

there is a fish in this picture… I swear!

We ended up going up to Milton, NH for the weekend, to spend the weekend with my boyfriend’s family. They have a nice big house right on a lake, complete with kayaks, water trampoline, jet ski and a boat.

My nose finally unstuffed itself, and after excessive water drinking, I felt a little more like myself. I was still waking up at 5:30 in the morning for work though, and without coffee (the aunties don’t drink it fully caffeinated) I was stuck (until anybody else who could let me borrow keys, or drive me) walking around looking at things – like fish tooling around the dock at 6am.

We feasted on vacation, I also had very little to do with the cooking. I stirred a few things, and got dishes and moved things around. It was relaxing- but it meant that I’d been on a several day (dare I count…? 6!) kick of not cooking a damn thing!

quick sweet potato fries

Tonight I did a service call after work, then I went to Market Basket- which wasn’t the nightmare I imagined it might be. I grabbed all the things I needed for lunches for the week (we got a massive bag full of 10-12 different kinds of breads because the aunties never send us home empty handed) and a few things for dinner.

Quick Sweet Potato Fries
1 bag organic Trader Joe’s yams (cut in thirds the long way, then sliced thin)
Olive oil (to cover)
Salt & pepper (to your taste)

Preheat oven to 425f
Put sliced potatoes in a bowl, toss with oil, salt and pepper
Put on baking pan, and cook until browned- watching them and flipping so they can get somewhat evenly browned.
I ended up broiling them on high for a few minutes because the hamburgers were already done, and we were ready to eat and getting impatient.

While in Milton, I finally got to go to the Stonewall Kitchen Outlet Store! Something I’ve been dying to do since I saw it a few summers ago.

I got this red relish there, it’s made with crushed red pepper and red bell peppers, and it’s amazing. Ah-maze-ing. I love it. No need to put anything else on this burger. Just the Farmstand Red Relish. I’m not sure how I lasted this long without it – to be completely honest. I had it on an egg sandwich one morning last weekend, and then on a hotdog for lunch, then burgers when we got home. I plan on putting it in a panini before long.

I noticed at Stonewall that they had a green relish too – but I was so overwhelmed and I didn’t see a sample to taste, immediately, so I passed on it. Plus, aunty would’ve had it if it were any good, I’m almost sure of it! She said the inventory changes almost every week up there – ohmygoodness! I can’t wait to go back…