sauce in a crockpot

Posted on May 21, 2012


Here in Boston we say some things that others don’t always understand. It’s not terribly noticable if you were like me, and have not lived anywhere else – but the further you get away from the city (like when we lived on a farm 70 miles west of Boston) the less often you hear people call a soft drink “tonic” and hardly ever is the word “spuckie” used – a spuckie is a sub roll, this is usually only used by the above 50 set usually from East Boston, or Medford.

My dad has ordered me a “meatball sub, light on the gravy, toast the spuckie.” Now that, especially if you get it from Medford’s La Cascia’s bakery, is something to experience.

B’daydus” those are things that you have either mashed, or boiled, or baked… you can have them scalloped as well. My Grandma once was telling us a story about my dad when he was in “kidney-gahtin” (that’s the grade after preschool, if you were wondering…) and it involved something about b’daydus, and “gravy“.

Gravy, by any other name is red sauce.

See? We aren’t that hard to understand! I am floored that when I went to Arizona early this month I had to repeat myself several times at the local Starbucks for them to understand my accent (which is really not strong at all) and all I said was that I ‘forgot my sunglasses and needed something for a rehearsal dinner, do you know where a target is around here?’ then I had to explain ‘Target, as in, bullseye? Like a Kmart? You have those, right?’

shallots, onions and garlic (though it’s not pictured here)

But I digress….


3 hours on high in crock pot

sautee shallots, onions and garlic in pan until transparent
put in crockpot

kitchen ready tomatoes and paste

add the following
6lb, 10 0z of pastene kitchen ready tomatoes
2 cans paste
salt and pepper to taste
2 lg sprigs (?) of fresh basil chopped up
crushed red pepper (to your taste)
sugar (4 tbs, I think… maybe less)
oregano, parsley

next time I’m going to cook on low setting, cause I feared buring the bottom the entire time…

when it’s done cooking, toss it on some pasta!


I froze a whole bunch of this sauce for use later. I hate that crap you can get in a jar these days – it pains me to buy it almost more than it pains me to eat it!