Tiramisu : hold the eggs

Posted on May 14, 2012


I was listening to the radio on my way to work and they said they had a survey that said that 80+ % of mothers don’t like their mothers day gifts. Great way to start out the week, no matter what I get her, she won’t like it.

In the spirit of life handing me lemons, I went and bought some at Trader Joe’s, a bag of four organic good looking lemons for $1.99! Didn’t think that was bad at all. (see lemon tart disaster, next post…)

I had bought mascarpone cheese a week or so on sale at Market Basket, i don’t think I’ve ever seen it under $3/lb before. So even without a plan or recipe, I bought it- we were inching ever closer to the expiration date. After a dreadful meal out, the only bright part of which was the Celtics win over the 76ers, I decided to bake- also I spent part of my afternoon watching the very bad madefortvmovie Reviving Ophelia, the end of which described baking as a soothing thing to do.

Soothe I did.

No Egg Tiramisu

Plus, I’ve decided that if I make something for my mum for Mother’s day, she’ll HAVE to like it!

(makes 9x9x2, and two small parfaits)

Step one: make a strong cup of coffee, I do double strength, or use instant espresso until I get desired strength, you can also opt for decaf if you have people sensitive to caffeine chill in freezer, if pressed for time, or fridge, or on the counter- whatever you care to do
1 nip of espresso flavored vodka (also chilled)

When chilled mix together in a small bowl.

Step 2:
1 pint (less 1/2 c) heavy whipping cream
7-8 oz mascarpone cheese
1/2 c confectioners (also called icing or powdered) sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Put cream in stand mixer, beat til it stands. Add sugar, mascarpone, and vanilla- mix on low just until combined.

Set aside in fridge until everything else is ready.

Step 3: find dish you want to make tiramisu in- I always go for glass, so you can see the layers- I also made two parfaits, one to test on a guinea pig (whoever was awake to taste it when done, having never even heard of espresso vodka before I was sure it would taste like rubbing alcohol mixed with whipped cream!) and one (if it didn’t turn out disastrous) for my mom.

Step 4: get coffee/vodka bowl, and dish and set up assembly line.

1 pk marguerite lady finger cookies (vanilla)

Dip, do not soak, in coffee mixture- which you should continue to stir while using, cause you can notice the separation of alcohol- put a layer in dish, cover with whipped cream, dust with unsweetened cocoa powder, about 1 1/2 tbs add another layer of cookies, then the rest of the whipped cream mixture. Dust top with cocoa powder, and add shaved chocolate (if you remembered to buy any, I didn’t….) and BOOM! You are done.

This can be refrigerated for roughly two days before its soggy and strange, but it rarely lasts long enough to do so in my house.


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