BBQ chicken wings

Posted on April 30, 2012


What do you cook for supper after you’ve had a day where you don’t even change out of your PJs all day?


Best answer:

Something simple.

I was busy doing laundry, and watching horrible tv all day. Not really wanting to put much of any energy into anything. A sure sign, if I needed it that a night of heavy drinking (read: 3 drinks) makes me into the laziest version of myself.

oven baked chicken wings
-1 lb chicken wings (chopped in half- like they do at wing joints, literally cut at the joint)
— wash chicken well

-take lg. pot of water, put clean chicken in bottom, fill until chicken is just covered by water
-pour in bbq sauce
par boil for about 20 minutes (or in my case, until you remember it’s cooking)

take out, put on baking pan (if you are too lazy for the grill) brush with more bbq sauce, and bake at 350 degrees until crispy


I ate these with broccoli and rice pilaf – if you time things pretty well, you can manage to only be at the stove for a total of about 25 minutes which leaves tons of time for watching Law and Order SVU, or folding laundry, or wishing you weren’t hungover, or sleeping.

I think I may be getting the hang of this taking pictures thing…

It was the least painful activity I was forced to preform the entire day.