breakfast in a sandwich

Posted on April 29, 2012


Have you ever had the absolutely terrifyingly sinking feeling, when you wake up after a night of drinking to find that there aren’t enough coffee beans to even make a cup of coffee – providing your head doesn’t explode when the grinder starts up – I almost cried this morning. I retreated to my room and sat staring at the wall wondering what the hell I could do!?

I realized we’d been saving left over coffee for iced coffee. So my nervous breakdown was pretty much premature and unnecessary.

this makes a hangover go away

To say that I don’t drink much or very often is quite the understatement. Why I thought I could drink three margaritas (one made purely of vodka – Oh, Kelly’s Pub you nearly made us vomit!) and then some beers when we got home and be fine the next morning — beyond me.

Quietly, I made ice coffee – my addiction to coffee is mostly psychological, as soon as I take a sip, things start to seem MUCH better – turn on a 9″ skillet on the stove, and toss in three slices of bacon.

Breakfast Sandwich
3 strips of bacon – cooked until crispy, set aside on paper towels
reserve a small part of grease for eggs
two eggs – cooked on low heat
(drink more coffee NOW)
flip eggs, grate cheddar cheeses
slice french bread, toast lightly
sprinkle eggs with cheese – wait for cheese to melt
put sandwich together in pan (still at low heat)

add these when sandwich is complete


The strangest thing about being hungover is that I don’t shy away from spicy sauces when I am feeling a little woozy from drinking. Scotch Bonnet sauce is the most amazing thing that I have been able to find recently. Life changing.


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