Bruins Playoff Cupcakes

Posted on April 26, 2012


I was very excited to see a few recipes involving oreos show up in my email the other day. I figured I had to make one of them – and soon. I failed to make them for my dad’s birthday on Monday, but Wednesday is almost as good, right…? Right! The world was trying to tell me something – bake!

Growing up in Boston has set me up for a lifetime of blind adoration of sports teams who don’t always get to where we want them to. I have, for a long time, forgotten to follow the Sox, it’s just not fast enough of a game for me to want to watch it. Plus they are sucking right now… So why bother? (I kid, but, I really don’t care to watch it anymore – to each their own…)

I’m more into the Bruins. I don’t really care for football, cause I don’t really understand all that much about it – though it has been explained time and time again to me. Hello, tangent! This is not about the Patriots, this is about cupcakes.

What better opportunity to make cupcakes than a home playoff game (7, to be exact) I was expecting a few friends to stop by, so pizza and cupcakes it was. Our plans ended up falling through – too many people not wanting to leave the house, and both my friend and I had started cooking — eeesh. Planning…

1 tablespoon of batter goes in first, then cookie, then another tablespoon of batter

I used this recipe – which I subscribe to, but it redirects you to another website for the actual recipe. I had to do some special shopping just for this- I don’t have oreos and confectioners sugar kicking around the house. I used a different icing, because I wanted yellow icing, and fluff icing freaked me out…

bake them for 15 mins

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but I was going with a color theme, so I didn’t really have THAT much of an option, also, back icing not only seems like it would have taken twice the amount of food coloring I have to achieve, but doesn’t really look all that appealing. These look a lot like they “fell in” when they cooled. Easily fixed by icing, but oh so noticeable sitting bare, on a cooling rack.

I made the most basic buttercream frosting I know how to – the kind I’ve always made for birthday cakes (which I don’t try to do anything fancy with to frost, just slap it on with a knife, mostly…) I thought that it would “set up” enough to make a design with the icing, turns out — that ain’t happenen. I probably should have just made this icing. Take notes, people!

make the icing while the cupcakes are baking!

1 cup unsalted butter
1 bag confectioners/powdered sugar (may not use it all – may need more)
1/2 c milk (may not use it all)
vanilla extract (to your own taste – I LOVE vanilla…)

note: put half sugar in mixer first, add room temperature butter to mixer, and most of milk, mix for about 5 mins until smooth, then add in a little more of the sugar at a time, mixing after each addition until smooth.

I added yellow food coloring to half of the icing, why? I’m not sure. I clearly had NO concept of how much icing one would need for 18 cupcakes… Meh. You live you learn, right? Who cares if this means you have an extra bag of white frosting in the fridge…. Had I thought about this a little more I could have put the icing straight into the icing bags that I had, but I was distracted – as usual.

lets ignore how dry my hands look and THANK GOD I finally got a friggin piping bag to fit on these stupid tips that I bought forever ago and never used!

I have some sort of horrible malfunction. I can’t for the life of me make an icing that looks like it’s supposed to instead of looking all sloppy and melty. Lots of people I know are accustomed to this icing, how it’s soft. My cousin said she preferred it cause it was soft. I wish it had looked like a fancy cupcake…

showin my love

The game ended with the Bruins losing last night. This was upsetting, especially after getting pumped up enough to make cupcakes with yellow icing… Dayum, boys. Just one more, that’s all it would’ve taken!

did I mention I found out yesterday that oreos come with yellow filling for springtime!?

As I said, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but my dad is – so I brought him 4 to work, and I brought all the BRUINS ones that I wrote on to a supply house around 6:30 this morning. I recieved two phone calls to thank me for the cupcakes – “they are deadly! who do you think you are, martha stewart?! cookie in a cupcake!? THANK YOU! Also, anything else you make that you want to drop off —- we’ll eat anything you make!” 

My dad quickly ate two after lunch and said they were really good, and the two tile guys I pushed the remaining two on at the end of the afternoon so they wouldn’t melt all over the tupperware container they were in even shut off the radio to yell “HEY! HEY ELECTRICIAN! YOU MAKE A GREAT CUPCAKE! IT HAD A LITTLE SURPRISE IN IT!

First successful cupcake making experiment – evah. Let’s just hope I wasn’t the one to jinx the playoff game with my stupid cupcake decorating ideas…